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Little Lizard King Seashore Collection Pattern

I LOVE testing patterns for Cassie of Little Lizard King.  She's so sweet, fun, and her patterns are AMAZING and so well done.  This is her latest one - Seashore Collection.  I chose to test the Tunic and I love it.

These are Cassie's pics of the many options with the pattern (found here on LLK).  The pattern includes a tank top, tunic, dress, hi/low dress, maxi, ruffled maxi, shorts and pants romper.  She always gives a lot of options which is wonderful!

This pattern is made of knit, which I'm still a newbie to sewing with.  My daughter loves how soft and comfy it is.  The pattern was very easy to follow and a quick sew.  

There's directions to make an easy elastic casing for the waist.

The straps can be made of any sort of fun trim!  I had this rainbow flower trim in my stash (along with the main and lining knits I used) and I knew my daughter would adore all the color.  I was right!

This version was the first that was tested, and Cassie redid the pattern to have the underarm part higher and not so loose.  Also she raised the hem for the tunic.  I still love the first version too!!!

If you haven't tried any of Cassie's patterns, you should!  And all the other Little Lizard King patterns are great too.  Cassie's also a fellow contributor over at Pattern Revolution which is where I first "met" her.  It's a fun group of sewers from around the world!  So happy to be a part of it...

Elementary Art Project- Snowman with chalk pastels

This is an art project I did this winter with the 4th and 5th graders.  I wanted to have them do snowmen but drawing them at a different angle.  I found a wonderful art project on Pinterest here and used it as my inspiration.

The kids used Sharpie to draw the snowman and then used chalk pastels.  I asked them to work on SHADING the snowman, using two colors next to each other on the color wheel and blend around the edges.  Then I said to use a contrasting color for the background so the snowman would POP!

The kids only drew two out of the three snowballs that make up a snowman.  And I encouraged them to have the snowman go off the page.

I just love the creativity they came up with and how different they all were!  I think they really enjoyed this one.  My goal in teaching art to elementary kids is to have them think of things differently, to expand their thinking.  I want them to be creative and think outside the box.

I think this one is so funny, kind of like a Minecraft snowman!

Little Lizard King Ruchie Pattern- Cowgirl Bandana Dress

I tested an incredible pattern for Cassie of Little Lizard King recently.  It's the Ruchie I'm in LOVE!  It is going to be great for my daughter's summer wardrobe and I hope to put some in my shop too. 

Since we live in the wild west, I went with a blue bandana fabric from my stash.  I think I got it at Walmart (!!) a bit ago.  

We had a lot fun with this photo shoot.  She's getting so good at modeling!

The Ruchie pattern includes directions to make a dress, peplum top or romper.   

I added some black ribbon that I had for the trim on the front bodice.

The back can be shirred or can be made with elastic in casings.  I did the elastic.  The straps can be halter or can go through a fabric loop and tied in a bow like I did.  Cassie LOVES options and all her patterns are such a great value with tons of options.  I really appreciate that!

My daughter loves it a lot.  My straps are too far out and bothered her arms, and either I messed up or she changed them in the final pattern, so I will be moving them in a bit and it will be perfect!

Recovering my Sewing Chair

Here's a chair I refinished for my sewing room.  I love it!  I got the chair at a thrift store for $5.  I loved the metal frame.  It was covered in a brown/peach velvet that had to go!

It was covered in a brown/peach velvet that had to go!

First I took out a lot of screws, then staples. 

I used the old fabric as a pattern and cut out my new fabric from that.  I pulled tightly and stapled from each side to keep it even.  My little staple gun from the craft store worked perfectly!  I love that thing.


Screwed top back and bottom back onto frame and it's so comfy and pretty when I sew.

Downtown Disney

 We always make a point to enjoy Downtown Disney the day/night before we go to Disneyland.  The kids love it too.

My son ended up getting a similar hat in the park.  He was a wizard for Halloween parade at his school 3 years in a row......

My daughter always has to go to Build a Bear and get a stuffed animal.  Nevermind that she has a MILLION stuffed animals already.  I would say no but her dad says yes!

It makes her so happy....

My kids are the kindest to each other on vacation.

Of course we have to hit the LEGO store.  So much fun to look at the huge sculptures.

My daughter used some of her money to buy chocolate crocodiles from Lion King (her favorite movie).  All in all a fun stop before heading to the park the next day.

Teaching Art: Dr. Seuss Week - Cat in the Hat for Kindergarterners

It's Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd!!!!  Kindergarten loves to celebrate Dr. Seuss and I came up with a cute and easy project to celebrate this fun week.

Kids followed my directed line drawing.  I was inspired by this project from Pinterest.  Then I found these 5 steps to draw Cat in the Hat which I used.

I cut white construction paper in half and gave each student a piece.  They used a pencil to follow each step with me, encouraging them to draw big.  When they were done with their drawing, they traced over lines with Sharpie.  I handed each child a red oil pastel and explained to color a PATTERN on the hat with red, and also color in the bow tie with the oil pastel.

I like to introduce my students to new art materials that they might not use normally.  Of course you could substitute the oil pastel for paint, crayon or marker!

When they were finished with the red oil pastel, they were given a blue oil pastel to decorate the background as they wished.  Some colored in solid, others did shapes.  I LOVE the variety.  These projects were done in 30 min perfectly.  If I had more time with the kids I would have had them paint the background blue or cut out the cat and glue on blue construction paper.  The blue really makes the cat POP!

I just love these cats so much.  I kept referring to the Cat in the Hat book so they could see the actual drawing to mimic it.  Good observation skills.  I also pointed out that the book only uses black, white, red and blue.  These drawings now decorate the Kindergarten bulletin boards and they look so happy!

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