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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Willow & Co Mulberry Tunic

 I tested two patterns for the upcoming Willow and Co Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  The ASH jumpsuit and now I will show you the Mulberry Tunic.
The collection is a glamping theme (glamping= glam + camping) and the entire collection will be released Tuesday, April 22!  Willow and Co is a pattern collective and is made up of lots of amazingly talented designers.  This is their FIRST collection and is sure to be a hit.  Visit their Facebook page for more info and hopefully some discounts.
I jumped at the chance to pattern test this pattern since it's for girls and BOYS!!!!  My son feels left out since I make lots of clothes for my daughter.  It's so fun this pattern is unisex.
The Mulberry Tunic pattern is created by the very talented Olga from Kid Approved Testing.
I again used fabrics out of my huge stash.  I've had this Michael Miller airplane fabric for a while and knew it would be perfect for this shirt.  So gray and airplanes it was!  I had to keep it pretty plain for my 8 year old to wear it.  He's quite picky these days.....
 I love the tab details on the sleeves.  It's a great way to add contrasting fabrics.
 When I tested the pattern the hood did not include directions to line the hood but I think in the final copy she is including it.  It was very easy to add and I love the detail it adds.
 It's a nice full hood.  There is also the option to make the shirt without a hood if you want and lots of testers did that.
 Also includes in seam pockets which I loved to include, but you can also leave these out.
 It's a really cute shirt with front pocket and buttons.  It has a lot of pattern pieces and is more involved than a lot of patterns I make so it took a bit longer to make.  But with all patterns, the first one takes the longest and I know my next ones will be a bit quicker.  I plan to make a wild one for my daughter that loves patterns and colors!  I do love it and my son will wear it so it's a SUCCESS.
Get ready to check out the collection on the 22nd.  It looks amazing....

The Willow & Co ASH Jumpsuit

I was a LUCKY girl to have been picked to test a brand new pattern from Willow and Co recently and I'm here to give you a sneak peak!  It's called the ASH jumpsuit and can I tell's ADORABLE!  It's created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.  She's super talented and was a joy to work with.
I haven't allowed myself to buy anymore woven fabrics until I use up a lot of my stash so this fabric combo is all from my stash and I love how they look all together.  Most of the other testers did all one fabric or two but I used 4.  I was going more toward the Matilda and Jane look since I adore that....  So here's what the pattern options are:

I chose to do separates and did pants (option B) and the top with band at hem (option E).  All the jumpsuits that the other ladies made were incredible and it is next on my list!  Pattern goes up to size 12 which I'm loving as my daughter gets older.
 I love the option to use a contrasting fabric for the elastic casing!
 I wasn't sure I would like the elastic at the bottom of the pants since I've never done that before but I think it really completes the look.  I am so excited for the weather to warm up and my daughter can wear this outfit!!!!
 I'm starting to make matching hair pieces with scraps from my projects.  My daughter was so excited about the hair clip and it is so easy to do.  If anyone is interested I can do a tutorial on making one.  I think it helps tie the outfit together.
 My daughter loved this outfit and we had a very fun photo shoot.  Pattern was so easy to follow.
 This pattern is just one pattern from the Willow and co Spring/Summer 2014 Collection to be released Tuesday, April 22.  The collection is called "Wanderlust: a glamping collection". Do you know what glamping is?  Glam + camping = glamping.  Here's a peak.
Can't wait for the 22nd to get here!  Pattern testing is so much fun.  You get to "meet" a lot of great women on Facebook and see everyone's creativity and how each person's outfit is so different.  It has pushed me to try a lot of new sewing techniques and my sister said it's like my sewing school and I agree.
I will be posting my pattern test of the Mulberry Tunic (for my son!!!) soon and I will be buying the beautiful Fawn Lily Top, Tunic and Dress for sure when the collection comes out.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ruby Jean's Closet Uptown Girl Dress Pattern Review

Here's a pattern review I did for the amazing website Pattern Revolution where I am honored to be a contributor.  It's a very cute pattern and my daughter loves wearing this dress.

I have the pleasure of sharing an adorable dress by Ruby Jean's Closet with you.  The Uptown Girl Dress is a showstopper and sure to grab the heart of any little girl.
Wow, it even it caught the cow's eye! Must be a keeper.
My daughter had a blast modeling this dress in our Colorado backyard.
This pattern is a great one.  It's 36 pages, with 20 of them printable pattern pages.  I would say it's a beginner pattern and takes a few hours (of course it didn't take me this with all the added mom interruptions).  It come in sizes 12m-9/10!  I love a wide range of sizes for my growing daughter.  It features an A-line dress with 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, short, long), a ruffle at the neck, and a purse that's really a POCKET!  It's like magic!!!! 
My daughter actually surprised a few people who thought the purse was actually a real purse.  Her P.E. teacher didn't think it was attached and wanted her to take it off for gym class.  So funny!
Check out this secret purse pocket! Oh, and "HI COWS!"
Ruffled collar
Back has button closure-nice and easy!
Purse close up

Each step in the pattern has a clear photo.  This is key and a must in my opinion.  This pattern does not disappoint.  There are charts for fabric requirements and also for finished garment measurements.  I made a size 6 sleeveless dress for my petite 6 year old and it was a perfect fit.  I like it to have enough room so she will be able to wear it awhile while not looking huge on her.  This was perfect.  
There is a step that calls for hand stitching.  You whip stitch inside the collar.  I didn't mind this at all.  It's good practice and relaxing to me to sew by hand once in a while.  

The sleeves if you choose to make them include making a casing and using elastic, so might be and advanced beginner for that, but still very doable!  The sleeves are gathered and a bit puffy.  There are photos on the pattern if you're interested.  I loved pairing the sleeveless dress with a long sleeve for winter so she can wear this year round!  Tights or leggings underneath and she's ready to go.

My daughter loves the cheetah fabric and I think it looks sweet and modern and simple but with THAT PURSE!!!!!  I used ribbon for the purse straps but ric rac is also recommended in the pattern.  The pattern pieces clearly mark where the ric rac/ribbon go.
My only hiccup on the whole thing was that I didn't read everything before I started piecing the paper pattern together.  I cut to line it up but if I had read, there is no cutting when joining, just butting up edges together.  This is the first pattern I have every used that did this and it was great, just not something I was used to.  Quick fix since I caught it early. 
I know this will be a go to dress for my daughter.  It makes her happy as you can see.  I love that this dress is unique with the side purse pocket.  It is a very well written and easy pattern to follow. 
If you have a cowgirl in your life and want to check out the bandana skirt sets I make from the wild west, you can find them in my etsy shop.  I'm on Facebook and blog when I find the time with my two kids. 
ellzabelle matching bandana skirt sets
Till next time..... Ellen

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine Heart Pillow

The amazing Valentine crafts just keep coming!  I fell in love with this heart pillow and am tempted to make it for my girl.  I have enough scraps, that's for sure.....  The tutorial for this pillow is from Craft Sew Create.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Easy Felt Heart Pins from The Pearl Bee

I'm in love with these felt heart pins for Valentine's Day!  They're from The Purl Bee and there's a very clear and easy tutorial to make these.  I plan to make a few for my daughter to wear the week of Valentine's Day.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rainbow Loom Bracelet and Heart Valentines FREE PRINTABLE from Lolly Jane

I found the CUTEST idea for Valentines for kids' classes this year.  Rainbow loom bracelets and hearts!
 Check out Lolly Jane's blog to see these adorable Valentines and to get the free printables.
 The hearts can be used as charms on backpacks or necklaces/ bracelets.
She also has tons of other links to other Rainbow Loom ideas and Valentine printables.  It's a great idea for this year if your child is up for making lots of bracelets.  She even has link to make the hearts. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Lily Bird Studio Sweet Allie Top Pattern Review

I was lucky enough to review a beautiful pattern by the Lily Bird Studio this week.  It's the Sweet Allie Top and I love it!
 The pattern comes with options to make a dress or a top.  LOVE getting options with a pattern.  It also goes from size 12 months to 10 years!  It is made with woven cotton and there are charts for yardage for both the top and the dress.  I would say it's an beginner/intermediate pattern.
 The pattern has photos at EVERY step and I found the pattern very easy to follow.  It is 47 pages long.  The only negative is that there are a lot of pieces to cut out.  It takes some time for sure, but I found that it sewed up very quickly and easily and was VERY pleasantly surprised.  But all those pattern pieces mean it is a shirt with contrasting details and personality!  There are 14 pattern pages to print out, match up, and tape together.
 Lily Bird Studio includes directions on putting snaps on the front or buttons.  I chose to pick from my button supply and do lots of different colored ones in pinks and purples.  My daughter liked this and it makes the shirt unique!
 It is an extremely sweet top that flares out at the bottom.  I chose not to make the fabric belt and belt loops since I just loved the shirt as is, but the belt would be beautiful too.  The directions to add this are very clear and easy.
 The sleeves have a very modern and simple cuff that folds up and adds some nice detail and contrast to the sleeve.
 This pattern is a HIT!  It's very unique with the contrasting side panels and I love the simple collar, sleeves and flared waist.

 I made a size 6 for my 6 year old daughter and found the fit to be perfect.  She is on the small size and there was a lot of room in the top for her to grow into.  I think the sizing was right on (length of top included).

 This sums it up-LOVE!
I will be making this pattern in a dress next and definitely a lot more tops. 
 I have two wonderful kids, love living in Colorado, and adore to sew for them whenever I can.  I have a blog, an etsy shop (where I sell custom girl bandana skirt sets, matching American Girl doll skirt sets, knot dress, purses and more) and Facebook page.  Please visit me and say hi!  Thanks for reading my review of such a cute pattern!!!!  -ellen