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Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Etsy Listings Chartreuse & Gray Bandana Skirt Sets and Fabric Note Cards

So my last post was only 4 months ago.....AHHHH!  Something has to give these days, especially since I started working this past year.  I had the BEST year being an art teacher to kids K-5.  Really the best time.  An added bonus is that my kids go to the same school so I get to see a lot of them and join them at lunch whenever I want.  Can't beat that. 

We're also renovating our house.  We've made great progress and I will definitely be putting some posts on here about it but it's not done yet.  Kitchen counter tops are arriving in 2 weeks and I can't wait!  In the meantime I updated my etsy shop a bit and wanted to share some of the items. 

I have a ready to ship size 6 chartreuse and gray bandana skirt set that's adorable!  It has glitter buttons down the front that any girl would love!! It's here.   

 The border fabric is gray with shiny silver dots.  So it's got some bling!
 I just love this face.....
  I also have lots of long sleeve (and a few short sleeve) gray shirts to make sizes 12m-6 with any applique design you want.  Here's that listing. 

I've also gotten back into making my fabric note cards that I love so much.  I gave a bunch of these out to teachers this year for Christmas gifts and end of school.  I use my scrap fabric for them and really enjoy tracing my designs and cutting them out.  It's relaxing I guess.

 Apple note cards for teacher gifts or a friend in NYC.

 Horse note cards to go with a bandana skirt set or for favors for a cowgirl birthday party.

 Lots of designs available and I can definitely customize anything. 
 SUMMER'S HERE and it's time to celebrate with ocean themed cards.  Maybe a hostess gift for a party????
 I've also done state cards before and love them.  Contact me for a completely unique gift!
That's what I've gotten done so far.  I still have so much more to do but am enjoying this time this summer to catch up on things.  That's until our traveling starts and summer flies by.  But for now I'll keep at it.  Till next time!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Ultimate DIY bundle

I love DIY. I really do. We're remodeling our 1970's brick ranch right now (that's a big reason my blog is so the fact I'm an art teacher at my kids' school this year!).  We're doing most of the remodeling ourselves. I love pouring over decorating books and making just what I want.  Love that I get to be creative and I love sewing, crafting, and being artistic. I'm so excited when I found this DIY bundle.  There are 76 eBooks and eCourses included....worth over $1200. 

There are 7 sewing patterns included in the DIY bundle.  One I can't wait to make is the Norah pattern from Mouse House Creations.  Here's a picture from the etsy listing:
The other pattern I've been wanting for ME is the Parisian Top by Go To Patterns & Co. 
I also need BADLY to improve my photography so the eBook "Say NO to Auto" by Kristen Duke is very appealing to me. 
I still shoot all my photos in auto.  Would love to change that.
Then there's the 6 eBooks on selling crafts and Pinteresting and all that fun stuff that I really do so poorly in.  It would really help my etsy shop!!!!
There's too many awesome things that I can't wait to start.  More time in the day would be wonderful too.  But I seem to find time to DIY. 
If you're ready to buy it's available till January 26th.   


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Etsy Bandana Skirt Sets for Dolls

I know I've been neglecting my blog...  A LOT!  We bought a fixer upper 1970's brick ranch, I've gotten my dream job of an art teacher at my kids' school, and of course I'm the mom of two busy kids.  I still have my etsy shop and I'm slowly updating listings. 
 I have so many new and fun colors for American Girl dolls.  Light purple, dark purple, pink, red, turquoise, green, gray, chartreuse......
 You can pick the applique design just like the girl sets I have.  Western star, horse head or cowboy boot.
 Living in Colorado is perfect for making these western sets.
 I was able to find the cutest red cowboy boots to match.
 And I have lots of cowboy hats in stock these days.  Just in time for the holidays!

 I have a brand new serger that I bought MONTHS ago but haven't found the time to figure out yet.  I'm so excited to learn how to use it and I know sewing the doll shirts will go a lot faster.  I will be making black shirts too since I think they look great with the bandana skirts.
 And of course each doll set can be made with a matching girl set for a wonderful, custom Christmas or birthday present.
Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ruby Jean's Closet Peony Dress Review for Pattern Revolution

Here's my review I did for Pattern Revolution.  Cute pattern!

This dress isn't my first from Ruby Jean's Closet.  I also made (and love) the Uptown Girl Dress (below).
The Peony Dress is so stinkin sweet!  I was drawn to how the flowers add a special twist on a peasant dress.

This dress was a very easy sew.  Directions are actually right on top of photos for each step!

The dress pattern is from 12m-10.  File is 38 pages long, with only 12 pattern pages to print!  I love how you make a casing using double fold bias tape and then insert elastic for the neck, chest, and sleeves.  I thought it was very fun to do this for some reason!

I made a size 6 for my 6 year old and fit was spot on.  I used some blue fabric I got at a thrift store for this dress.  $1 for 2yds!!!!  It's very lightweight, and cotton I guess with a linen like weave.  I just knew it would be perfect for this dress with my daughter's beautiful blue eyes. 

Each sleeve has 7 groups of flowers and 3 on the front.

I made each 3 layer flower cluster with two layers of the aqua material and the middle layer from leftover plaid material.  I love how it makes the flowers a bit more interesting.  I love the end look, but next time I might do a few less clusters to make it less poufy, but I really do love the look.

I added my fabric name tag to the back.

I made a matching flower cluster for a headband, adding beads to the center.  I think when I make the next dress, that I will add beads to the flowers on the front of the dress and my daughter agreed!

Having fun on our photo shoot.

My son had to get in there too, my daughter just adores her big brother and he helps get her to smile for real, not the lovely fake smile.

I think this is a comfy dress that can be dressed up or down.  I could definitely see it for a wedding, with the dress in linen and the flowers in matching layers of tulle and satin.  I made satin flowers by melting the edges here and think they would look amazing.  Not sure how well they would wash...

Or for fall- the dress in a plaid fabric with matching solid flowers would be lovely.

Excited to add yet another beautiful dress from Ruby Jean's Closet to my daughter's wardrobe.  Till next time!  -ellen

Friday, July 11, 2014

Greenstyle Laurel Dress Review

Today I'm sharing my take on the Greenstyle Laurel Dress that I reviewed for Pattern Revolution a few months ago.  I proudly accepted the "Self Care Sewing" challenge and have added this adorable dress to my wardrobe.
I took the Greenstyle Laurel Dress/Tunic pattern and made it custom for ME!  I couldn't be happier with the results.
The Laurel Dress pattern really includes a cowl neck and sleeves but I decided to make it sleeveless and scoop neck for summer.  This was so easy to do and just shows how versatile this pattern is!
Pattern Details:
Women's Sizes XXS to 3XL with size chart on bust measurement
4 different sleeves lengths (short sleeve, just above elbow, 3/4 length, long sleeve*)
*dare I add sleeveless too?
3 different skirt lengths (tunic, just above knee, longer length)
3 different torso lengths (short, regular, long)
Straight back or pleated back options
Photos/drawings for every step in directions
knit/jersey fabric and can do knit/jersey top with woven bottom
32 pages long total with 9 pages of directions and 23 nested pattern pieces 
 I made a size small, long torso dress which was PERFECT for my body.  I really appreciate the long torso length being included since a lot of dresses don't fit my 5'9" frame and are too short.
 I added an extra inch to the above the knee length which I think was good.  Otherwise it would be too short for me.  I chose pleats in the front and back.  Next time I will try a flat back I think and woven bottom! 
And don't we all LOVE a comfy dress with pockets?  I will be living in this dress this summer.  It will be cute with leggings in spring also.
I customized this dress by adding binding strips around the arms and neck.  I actually cut out the cowl piece and when I decided not to use it, cut 2" binding strips from this.  It worked like a charm!!!!  I cut straight across, no need for diagonal cutting.
I recently organized my fabric stash and am determined to use it up before buying more fabric.  I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves and after I tried on the top I LOVED it sleeveless.  I have seen pictures of the dress with sleeves and the cowl neck and think it is very cute and my next one will be like that.
This pattern is great for every season.  Long sleeve for winter, 3/4 or elbow length for fall/spring, and short for summer!  And don't forget there's a tunic length option so you can wear it with jeans or leggings.

I am so happy to be slowly adding to my wardrobe.  This is all new for me, especially sewing with knits and I'm loving every minute.  I used a stretch stitch on my regular sewing machine for this dress and had zero problems.  Just ordered my first serger and am excited to try it out soon.  This pattern is perfect for a beginner and is quick sew.  The dress is stylish, versatile and COMFY.  All wins in my book.  -ellen