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Apron Week at Sewing in No Mans Land

The blog, Sewing in No Man's Land, is having an apron week and it looks amazing! This is one from Anthropologie and she's going to one just like it. I've made aprons before (basic ones), but I don't have a current very cute one and I will be making one with modern fun fabric. Hope you try one!


Would you like to win this set of 8 fabric notecards and envelopes? I'm doing a giveaway on Jan 5th at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas to celebrate her 1 year old blog. Also a tutorial on how to make these adorable cards. There's a week of giveaways planned and you can see them here. Hope you enter to win!!!!!

Paper Angels

I made these cute paper angels for my son's preschool classmates for Christmas. They hold a candycane and really were fun! I found the post on Twelve Crafts Till Christmas. Paper Angel pattern and directions can be found here.
Lots of colors.
Happy Crafting!

Christmas Card Tags

So what do you do with all your Christmas cards? Cut them up to make Christmas tags for next year. I've been doing this for years and I love it. You're recycling and they make the presents so cute with all the different cards on top. So cut away and you will have beautiful tags for next year!

Doll Bed, Pillows, Sheet and Quilt

Christmas was awesome! Hope yours was too. Here's the kids on Christmas Eve after church.
So happy.I LOVE when they're like this.
So here's the big gift we made for my daughter. I found this post here on From An Igloo and just knew I had to do it too. Bed is from Ana White (formally knock off wood) and plans for her Farmhouse Doll Bed can be found here. Thankfully my husband was on board and made the bed and painted it. I made the pillows, fitted sheet and quilt. She has tutorials for all of it. I had fun (husband was painting late last night) we also got a doll for my daughter. She loved it and it's beside her bed.
Here's her doll, Ella, in the bed.
Christmas morning.
Santa put this snowglobe in my son's room, he was AMAZED!!!! He wanted this train snowglobe when we were staying in GJ, it was in the hotel giftshop, but we wouldn't buy it for him. Funny how Santa just knew he wanted it. He was so happy!!!!!
Light up toothbrush from stocking. Stockings are my VERY favorite part of Christmas. My mom always did an amazing job (Santa too).
One of his favorite gifts. Pistachios in his stocking. Love this face!
Awesome LL Bean sleeping bag from my aunt Sue. Going to be great for camping this summer.
Puzzle time.
My favorite gift! Handprint my son did at preschool.
A great day!
Monkey rainboots. And this just seems like a "Peace Out" move. Not sure where she got this from but anyways...."Peace Out!"

Gingerbread Ornament

I made this fun ornament from elsie marley. She has a great tutorial here. I love it and the kids think it is hysterical. A great addition to our ornaments and will make us laugh each year!
I made one for my sister's family since I know my neices and nephews will love it too! I changed the directions from using mini white ric rac to using white glitter since I didn't have any. And changed the embroidered mouth to red glitter since I was lazy. I use beads for the eyes instead of a french knot too. Much easier and turned out great.


We've finally gotten snow. I never thought I would say that, living here. Last year we had plenty of snow. But it's December and there hadn't been snow on the ground. We now have some, but with 40 degree weather, now we have lots of rain. But it was wet snow and perfect for making snowmen!!!! Here's my son's baby snowman.
And here's the MASSIVE one my husband made with the kids when I was at work. It only lasted one day, with the rain, it is gone now. So sad!!!! He used a ramp to get it built. Gotta love guys.

Kids had a blast. And we've been reading the book What Snowmen Do at Night. Was perfect for our snowman melting.
She lasted 2 hours outside. Much better than last year when it was about 5 min!

Winter Fun!


Our Holiday Traditions

I bought a bunch of cute wooden frame ornaments from JoAnn's last year after Christmas for 70% off or something (reg. only $1). The kids painted them and had a lot of fun.
This is one of the ornaments I painted last year and glittered it up. I'm trying to do one for my son and one for my daughter every year. Love this new tradition. Makes the tree OURS.
Another one.
Kids under our cut down tree for $8. I love living in Colorado.
P painting a snowman. Notice the white paint on her lip. She likes to eat it I think.....
A glittered train. My son LOVES trains.
This is the other tradtion I've started. When my husband and I lived in our last house, there was no room for a real tree so I bought three cute little fake trees. Now we put a tree in each of our kids' rooms as their night light and it's GREAT. They love it and it makes their rooms so festive.
I found this Hershey chocolate train at a thrift store here and since I'm from PA and my son LOVES trains, it's perfect. Our kids got to pick the ornaments they wanted and my son picked almost all of the trains. He has a train tree.
My daughter picked an ornament of her brother. IT MELTED MY HEART!
And of course, a sparkly butterfly!
Her tree.
I love Christmas, and starting our family's new traditions. What are your traditions?

Earth Tone Flower Hair Clips

Here's some natural, earth tone flower hair clips I now have listed here on etsy.
Buttons vary and color combinations, but mix of grays, browns, tans, greens, and blues.

Great stocking stuffers! Or birthday favors.


Mexican Cups

This is my favorite GO TO appetizer for parties, but is also a full meal for my family. I got the recipe from I LOVE this site. The recipe is here. I call them Mexican Cups and make changes. If you read the reviews on the site, many people say they cut the tortilla into 4 triangles, instead of little circles and this is what I do. Looks great. The other changes I make is to add browned ground beef, almost a whole can of drained/rinsed black beans, and a can of drained Rotel tomatoes instead of fresh.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can add ANYTHING your family likes. Then a spoonful of sour cream on top and a squeeze of some LIME! It's a very fun meal to eat with the kids cause you can use your FINGERS! My kids adore this meal and adults love it too!


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