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Winter fun!

Our town had its annual winter festival, Snowdown, this past weekend and while most events involved adults (and their CRAZY behavior), Sat morning was a kid day full of egg tossing, broom ball, tug-o-war, and sledding. I have some pics of my kids, and unfortunately, my husband's in law enforcement and doesn't want his photo on here with ours (for safety reasons). But he does exist and is amazing and supportive and we love him dearly. Hope you're enjoying winter!

She's so cool! Ha ha. Just happy she kept her hello kitty glasses on! That's a feat in itself for a 2 year old.

I am planning on making some of these cute heart clips for my daughter soon. They're from MADE, one of my favorite blogs. In addition to her cute clips, she's celebrating all month: BOYS! So there will be lots of great projects for the ever neglected (on clothing projects) boy. Check it out....
I love this felt heart garland for V-day from Made by Rae. I really need to make this. And she's celebrating BOYS all month along with Dana from MADE. So check out her fun projects too!
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  1. Hi! We met at MOPS the other day...I was the girl at your table who almost died of excitement when you mentioned the new fabric store! For some reason after we talked, I felt like maybe I knew you somehow...then I was on Jan Schill's blog and came across a post she did about your Etsy store a while ago, which then led me to your blog (I promise, I'm not stalking you) and then I saw all of the sites you follow and I follow all the same ones! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lil Blue Boo and just made my daughter an LBB halter dress last weekend. So anyway, I'm rambling now, but just wanted to say hi. It's nice to see someone else is obsessed with the same craft blogs I read. I have a few of Rae's patterns them also.


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