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Great Pillowcase Dress

Ok, tell me this isn't the cutest dress? AND it's made from a pillowcase. LOVE IT! Saw it on V and Co. It's from a guest blogger, Simply Modern Mom. Since it's from a pillowcase, they recommend only up to 18 months, but I'm sure you could follow the pattern with a larger piece of fabric. But I just love the ruffle on the front. Gonna add it to my To Do List.

Felt Projects

I love felt and bought a bunch to make birthday crowns and hair clips and of course my PEEPS bunting. So when I visited How about Orange today I was happy to see a bunch of cute felt projects. Here are my favorites.Felt covered tape measures from Poppy Lane. Are your kids OBSESSED with these mini tape measures? Mine are. They are a lifesaver for entertainment on our long trips to Hobby Lobby. Never bought one, but they love to play with them, but now I might have to buy a few for this!
Felt bows perfect for cute hair clips from Sew Gorgeous! SO EASY!!!!

Business Card holders from Smila's World (these are actually for moo minicards-whatever that is!!!! but I would adapt to fit my business cards and MOPS cards). I've REALLY been needing something like this and again, SO EASY!

Felt rosettes from Mrs. Priss. Again, so wonderful as hair clips. Finally some great projects for all my felt! Gotta get going!!!!!!!

I wanna make this!

Look at this cute gathered clutch from noodlehead. Tutorial on her site. Can't wait to try!
Noodlehead was featured on MADE. There have been some great ideas for Mother's Day or just to make anytime!


GIVEAWAY on Lil Blue Boo!

Win a custom Lil Blue Boo dress! Go here and check it out. Open till Tuesday April 27th.

To Do List

So I have a HUGE craft/sewing To Do List. It's a list in my head. I wouldn't want to see everything written down on it, just too much! I thought I would share a few with you.
These are the cutest graffiti shoes courtesy of Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. Her daughter helped her with it and she has lots of photos and a tutorial here. Would be so cute for my girl this summer!
Pillowcase dresses. Not sure where these two photos came from, but there are TONS of tutorials out there. You can use fabric for them or actual pillowcases. I want to do both and have collected a few very cute vintage pillowcases for it!
Love the flower and trim on this one. Makes it even more darling!
Butterfly box for my daughter's room. I don't know where I originally saw this, but a lot use Martha Stewart's butterfly craft punch. There are lots of tutorials out there for these too and here's one from Our Daily Chocolate (below). I got a craft punch last week at Hobby Lobby, not Martha's (SOB SOB), but hey, I don't live near a lot of stuff..... Can't wait to make this with lots of pretty scrapbook paper.
Just a VERY small peek at some projects I'm hoping to do. Happy crafting!


So on my anniversary yesterday (6 amazing years), my beautiful daughter completely hit her nose HARD on a metal park bench. SO SO SAD!
She was a trooper, just a few tears. Not broken at least. Will probably have black and blue eyes for church!

Sad, pitiful face in time-out.
Still in time-out.....
Yes, still in time-out but her brother is now making her laugh and smile. Happy anniversary to me!

Celebrating MOM!!!

So I am really excited. Dana from MADE is starting two weeks of celebrating MOM!!!!! YEAHHH!!! Dana is teaming up with Disney from Ruffles and Stuff for great tutorials and fun ideas (FOR 2 WHOLE WEEKS). Dana and Rae from Made by Rae did an amazing job celebrating the boy for the month of March and I loved seeing what they came up with everyday. But now it's going to be stuff for me, and moms!!!!! Girly stuff. So be sure to check it out. I've been feeling neglected and NEED to make something for myself! Starts Monday!

Pleated Purse with Wipes Tote

I made this pleated purse by My Spare Time (my FAVORITE bag pattern) and wipes tote (my pattern) set for my sister to give to her sister-in-law, who is pregnant with her second baby. I really want to start making sets of a purse and wipes tote to sell in my etsy shop. I think it would be fun to have a set like this. So this is my goal.....oh where do I find the time?

My ellzabelle tag-pressed aspen from our aspen trees.

The fabric is Brown Tablecloth form the Garden Party Collection by Anna Maria Horner and is lined in sort of a mauve color.

Ribbon wraps arund button to close wipes tote. Holds a hard travel wipes case, cream/ointment, and two small diapers/one larger diaper. So great for changing baby on the go and keeping everything together. Very handy and I've used mine for both of my kids. I also love to use a changing pad with this.

I hope she likes it. Her shower's on Saturday!


Spring/Summer Purse

Here's a new bag I made for spring/summer. It's really cute and was from a pattern, Mama's Bag, in the book, Handmade Home.
I made the straps wider and added a button closure, which I like better. I think next time I'll make the straps even wider and shorter.
Amy Butler fabric on the outside with chartruse fabric lining it. So fun, bright, warm, and happy! Perfect for summer.



Some days are like this I guess. Does your four year old manage to get EVERYTHING on backwards? A lot of days it might be one item on backwards, but this day he managed to get his shirt, jeans AND underwear on the wrong way. And I really don't think it was on purpose.

But we definitely got a good laugh out of it.

Is this what your kid's room looks like when he's playing with daddy? Cause it does in this house.

Strike a pose!

Fake smile....I'm shocked!

A moment of getting along!

Mommy and her girl.


Cowboys and Cowgirls

Living in the west.....
Had a wonderful afternoon being silly and riding some horses. Doesn't get better than this!
Spin, spin, spin.
Cowboy taking a break.
Silly faces.
Cowgirls don't suck their thumbs! How lucky I am that I am able to stay home and have afternoons like this. Truly blessed!


Melted Flowers TUTORIAL

I finally tried my first melted flower and I love it! There are lots of tutorials out there to make them and they are so so easy!

I started with some $2/yd brown satin from Walmart. I got this over the winter and didn't see it there recently, now that it's spring.... Cut lots of circles of different sizes. I didn't measure at all-it just depends on what size you want and I didn't trace the circles cause I liked them imperfect. Looks better to me!
Lite your candle and slowly rotate circle over flame, melting the edges. The longer you leave it there the more it will melt and curl the edges, so again, it depends on the look you want. I liked it to curl a lot in a few places and less around the rest. Repeat for all circles.
Then assemble your flower with largest on bottom and smallest on top. Take some thread and a needle and tie a knot on the bottom of the flower. I had some small seed beads already so I used them. I put three on each time I came up through the flower. Do as many as you like, it all depends on your taste but you want enough stitches so the flower holds together.
You can make these for hair clips but I did safety pins. After the beads were all on I secured the thread and then put some glue on the back of the flower, put a piece of brown felt on top, with a safety pin poked through the felt. Let dry. I love how this looks and have worn it through my belt loop and on my purse. Enjoy!

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