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Decoupaged Easter Egg TUTORIAL

So do you want to make these? They're really easy and I think they turned out so cute!!!
So you'll need:
plastic eggs, candle, matches/lighter, pins, thin ribbon, scrapbook paper, paintbrush, & Mod Podge.
1. Let's start with something FUN -burning a hole into the egg. Light the candle and heat up a pin or needle in the flame. Then poke through the top part of the egg (mine had an indentation in the top). I did this a few times until it was big enough for the ribbon to poke through.
2. Then I cut ribbon whatever length (I needed mine long enough to go over my chandelier lights). Double the ribbon and poke through the hole from the top down inside the egg. Tie a knot and melt the ends in the flame. Pull up and put egg back together.

3. Rip small pieces of the scrapbook paper and paint Mod Podge under the paper and on the egg. It's a little tough at first since the paper really slips over the smooth egg but gets much better after the first one. Just keep painting the paper scraps all over the egg-I started at the top, making sure to cover the burned marks on the hole and worked my way down the egg. When finished, paint Mod Podge all over the paper to finish.
All done-easy! Really dresses up my chandelier and now I have to make a bunch more to hang on my tree outside. Enjoy!
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