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Melted Flowers TUTORIAL

I finally tried my first melted flower and I love it! There are lots of tutorials out there to make them and they are so so easy!

I started with some $2/yd brown satin from Walmart. I got this over the winter and didn't see it there recently, now that it's spring.... Cut lots of circles of different sizes. I didn't measure at all-it just depends on what size you want and I didn't trace the circles cause I liked them imperfect. Looks better to me!
Lite your candle and slowly rotate circle over flame, melting the edges. The longer you leave it there the more it will melt and curl the edges, so again, it depends on the look you want. I liked it to curl a lot in a few places and less around the rest. Repeat for all circles.
Then assemble your flower with largest on bottom and smallest on top. Take some thread and a needle and tie a knot on the bottom of the flower. I had some small seed beads already so I used them. I put three on each time I came up through the flower. Do as many as you like, it all depends on your taste but you want enough stitches so the flower holds together.
You can make these for hair clips but I did safety pins. After the beads were all on I secured the thread and then put some glue on the back of the flower, put a piece of brown felt on top, with a safety pin poked through the felt. Let dry. I love how this looks and have worn it through my belt loop and on my purse. Enjoy!
4 comments on "Melted Flowers TUTORIAL"
  1. Hey Ellen! I just found your blog- so, so, so cute! I esp. loved the bandana skirt and pirate ship. Can I link to you from my crafty blog? Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and get to see you at MOPS again!

  2. Please do! I have your blog on my favorites here. I've been thinking of you a lot-I heard you've been so sick with your pregnancy. So sorry to hear that but congrats on being pregnant. I hope you can make it to MOPS again before it's over. I'm also hoping to make a craft group with fun crafty girls (I've been talking about it with Kati Sieger) and would love it if you would come. Hang in there and I would love to get together soon!!!!

  3. This is SO lovely!!! I can't wait to try this! I'll let you know when I do that way you can see it! AND I will give you ALL the credit and hopefully you can get a little bit of people to follow your lovely blog!

  4. So cute! And it looks so simple! I'll have to try it out. Thanks!


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