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Crayon Roll

I know these are everywhere on the Internet and I've never made one. I found a new tutorial today to make one on V and Co. It's from a guest blogger Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy. Gotta do it...even though my kids don't like to color. My daughter does, but she also like to put them in her mouth so I don't let her color often....

Flower Petal Pillow

I LOVE this flower petal tutorial on V and Co. It's from a guest blogger Allison of Cluck.Cluck.Sew. Looks really easy and quick and I happen to have A LOT of great felt in lots of colors so I have to decide what room to make it for....

Not even ONE!

Please tell me this is what your photos look like of your kids too!

I mean, really? Not one picture that both kids look normal????!!!!! Pretty funny to me. I guess better than them standing there smiling, since it captures how funny and playful they are. Maybe....not sure yet.

Homemade Watercolor Paints

I made watercolors with my kids last week and it was fun. They turned out great, but took a few days to dry. I got the recipe from a friend in MOPS (mothers of preschoolers)-thanks Breezy. You use common things in the kitchen and empty plastic egg containers.

Finished product. Great colors!


  • food coloring
  • 3T corn starch
  • 3T baking soda
  • 3t light corn syrup
  • 6T white vinegar
  • plastic egg carton (Land-o-Lakes)

Combine corn starch, baking soda, corn syrup and vinegar in a medium sized bowl. It will bubble and fizz for a bit and then settle down and be ready for coloring. Add about 2T mixture to each egg container. Add food coloring drop by drop until you get the shade you like....don't be afraid to add a lot to get it dark. (we used regular food coloring drops for my son and used neon drops for my daughter) Mix WELL. Ours took 3-4 days to dry.

Mixture fizzes which is very fun for kids.Mixture before we put dye in each one.

The kids were so excited for this project and the colors paint nicely. My son already almost used up all his paint with one picture! Will have to make more soon. Happy painting!


Yes that's me, the slacker. Sorry for not posting in forever....I got a part time job at my church, First United Methodist Church and it's made my life much crazier. I love it and am so happy to get a break and talk to adults!!!! But it seems my house just falls apart more and more and I'm busy all the time. I did make homemade watercolor paints with my kids that I will be posting and I made my son two drawstring bags for all his trains. Next is a drawstring backpack using some Thomas the train fabric I got. Soooo....hopefully soon I'll be able to post some photos and write a bit. Hope life is going well with you and finally we're going to have beautiful weather-can't wait!

Scrappy Clutch from From An Igloo

This is another project on my To Do list. A scrappy clutch from From An Igloo. I just think it's so cute and stylish!!!! I've been slacking on crafting recently. Just started a part time job today at my church and I love it, so now less time to sew....but I have a bunch of things I want to do-will do it!

Recycle a Tee Shirt for this Dress

Adorable, right? It's a tee shirt dress from Make It and Love It and Ashley was nice enough to give a tutorial to make it. LOVE IT! The best part is it's for an old shirt with a tear or stain since you cut off most of the shirt. I'm obsessed with the pleats and BIG bow. Gotta make one.....

First Lil Blue Boo Dress

So I bought the recycled tee shirt dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo recently and finally got around to trying it today. I think for my first attempt at sewing with knits it turned out great. I'm definitely not good like Ashley with mixing fun patterns/colors together, but I'm going to work on it. Pretty safe with this one....
Says Purgatory, Colorado on it (our ski mountain). Got it CHEAP at a thrift store (bought a bunch of them for this purpose).
Combined three different shirts. Next time I'm going to try a ruffled bottom I think. Need to find FUN shirts, definitely TIE DYE! Might do some dying this summer cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!
Maybe a little short? Shorts or leggings underneath for the summer.
Made a flower clip too out of scraps.

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