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First Lil Blue Boo Dress

So I bought the recycled tee shirt dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo recently and finally got around to trying it today. I think for my first attempt at sewing with knits it turned out great. I'm definitely not good like Ashley with mixing fun patterns/colors together, but I'm going to work on it. Pretty safe with this one....
Says Purgatory, Colorado on it (our ski mountain). Got it CHEAP at a thrift store (bought a bunch of them for this purpose).
Combined three different shirts. Next time I'm going to try a ruffled bottom I think. Need to find FUN shirts, definitely TIE DYE! Might do some dying this summer cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!
Maybe a little short? Shorts or leggings underneath for the summer.
Made a flower clip too out of scraps.
3 comments on "First Lil Blue Boo Dress"
  1. Yeah for knits! This dress is so cute! Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. Good Job!!!

    Thanks for entering the V's giveaway today. Good Luck!


  3. I love this- she looks so cute!!


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