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Barbie Clothes!

The blog Craftiness is not optional is going to be doing tutorials all week on making barbie clothes!!!! These are the ones she made, some from a pattern, others she just made up! I have to say this excited me. My daughter will be 3 in Oct and she calls everything pink barbie and all the Disney princesses barbie. I'm sure she would love a wardrobe for her barbies and for all my barbies that I still have! And I cannot throw away any fabric scraps so this is a great way to use them. Check it out.  Here's the links to her tutorials: a ballgowncap sleeve top, an easy dress, knit top, an easy skirt, and a froufy skirt.  All look easy and fun to make!

Some days you just want to be a princess.....

Princess shoes make for a great day!

Craft Exchange

I participated in a Craft Exchange this summer with four other girls. It was fun! I wanted to show you what was made by these talented ladies.

These three beauties were made by Kristen for Pearl. I love them all! I am obsessed for stamped jewelry. So amazing! These two go together-matching aprons for Jessica for her and her daughter-so cute! Made by Pearl.

Beautiful wall hanging made by Jessica for Marci. I love birds these days!

And this is what I got!!!! Marci is SO talented and made this gorgeous necklace for me. I would never attempt this so I was thrilled to get something I can't make. And she made it with my colors of brown and blues, very natural. It's so fun with a ribbon tie, my first necklace like this, and I love you can adjust the length. Can't wait to wear it! Thanks Marci-I LOVE IT!

And this is what I made for Kristen. Another pleated purse from My Spare Time. Kristen likes very simple, modern designs and colors that I like so it was very easy to pick this blue and brown geometric print. It has four pockets inside and I hope she finds it fun to use.


My second Lil Blue Boo Dress

Here's my second Lil Blue Boo dress. It's my first making a halter. I love it. My daughter has worn it all summer. It's made from a baseball shirt from the thrift store. I did freezer paper stenciling for the first time! One of MANY tutorials online can be found at MADE here. It was great and easy and I had bought a bunch of fabric paint on clearance at Hobby Lobby so I'm set for more.
Stenciled a bunch of blue and red stars on the back since it was plain white. Did racing stripes on the skirt too.
Can't wait to make more in 3T for next summer. I have been hoarding, I mean collecting, lots of fun tees just for dresses for my girl. They're too much fun.

My New Purse

My new purse. I love it. Very spacious with four pockets and are my favorite colors, brown and green. VERY COMFY wide strap. Made it for my trip back east so I could pack it full for the airplane with two toddlers. Worked great!

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