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Barbie Clothes!

The blog Craftiness is not optional is going to be doing tutorials all week on making barbie clothes!!!! These are the ones she made, some from a pattern, others she just made up! I have to say this excited me. My daughter will be 3 in Oct and she calls everything pink barbie and all the Disney princesses barbie. I'm sure she would love a wardrobe for her barbies and for all my barbies that I still have! And I cannot throw away any fabric scraps so this is a great way to use them. Check it out.  Here's the links to her tutorials: a ballgowncap sleeve top, an easy dress, knit top, an easy skirt, and a froufy skirt.  All look easy and fun to make!
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  1. thanks for linking to me! I'm glad you like the tutorial today-there's more to come! :D



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