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Craft Exchange

I participated in a Craft Exchange this summer with four other girls. It was fun! I wanted to show you what was made by these talented ladies.

These three beauties were made by Kristen for Pearl. I love them all! I am obsessed for stamped jewelry. So amazing! These two go together-matching aprons for Jessica for her and her daughter-so cute! Made by Pearl.

Beautiful wall hanging made by Jessica for Marci. I love birds these days!

And this is what I got!!!! Marci is SO talented and made this gorgeous necklace for me. I would never attempt this so I was thrilled to get something I can't make. And she made it with my colors of brown and blues, very natural. It's so fun with a ribbon tie, my first necklace like this, and I love you can adjust the length. Can't wait to wear it! Thanks Marci-I LOVE IT!

And this is what I made for Kristen. Another pleated purse from My Spare Time. Kristen likes very simple, modern designs and colors that I like so it was very easy to pick this blue and brown geometric print. It has four pockets inside and I hope she finds it fun to use.

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  1. SO much fun! Thanks for posting it... I'm going to make a link on my blog to yours!


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