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Lil Blue Boo Amateur Photo Contest

One of my favorite blogs, Lil Blue Boo, is having a photo contest to get people out of using Auto mode. I entered the top photo. Will you go vote for me??? It's on facebook here. You just have to hit the "like" button. The top 10 move forward. Deadline is Nov 3rd. THANKS!!!!
This was the other one I was going to enter. Couldn't decide. I finally figured out actions in Photoshop Elements and I'm in love. SO much fun to play with the colors. There's a bunch of really great free ones out there. Found this site with lots of options and Lil Blue Boo just did a post with more!

Ping Pong Ball Eye Balls

We made these cute little eyeballs this week. Out of ping pong balls, markers, and tea lights.

Got the idea from Family Fun magazine (GREAT magazine for kid craft ideas).
Kids had a blast!!!! My daughter made one and my son made 2. He was really excited to scare everyone with them. We put them in our windows with the tea lights on, but you can't really see them from the road so I think for trick or treat night we'll put them on the porch.

These lights were on when she was doing this, so probably burning her retinas....We were laughing though, but asked her to stop.

They were very proud of themselves and it was a cheap and easy project. Basically you just cut an X into the bottom of the ping pong balls, decorate balls with markers, and set on tea lights. Easy!!!!!

Our masterpieces!


I was featured on Sew Chic & Unique!

My felt doll pillow (from the Wee Wonderfuls book) was one of the favorites from a link-up on the last Sew Crafty Saturday on Sew Chic & Unique. YEAH! I have to say it's a GREAT project, a little time consuming but FUN the whole time.

In other news, I've been busy sewing away. I'm going have a table at The First United Methodist Church's Holiday Bazaar on Nov 20th so I am really working on that. Currently making purses 3 at a time. I ordered magnetic closures on etsy and am waiting for them to arrive and I will try my hand at them....Hopefully it goes well! I'm hoping to show a lot of purses, different sizes and styles, knot dresses, flower hair clips, fabric notecards, and my baby gift sets. I really have too many things I like to make and will have way too much for my table, but we'll see what happens. Excited! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of my purses soon.


Wee Wonderfuls 'Betsy' Paper Doll Pillow

This book is awesome! It's Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love by Hillary Lang. I finally finished a project in it for my daughter. It was for her birthday and was only a week late....But she loved it! I made the 'Betsy' paper doll pillow with lots of clothes. It was my first time making little things and I really enjoyed it and accessorizing them with beads and buttons.
Here she is all dressed up by my daughter.
And this is the front of the pillow with the felt doll. The back has a pocket for all the clothes. I did the back differently than the directions since I had a pillow I inserted, instead of stuffing it. I did embroidery for the first time on the doll's face. They weren't difficult stitches, but it's definitely not my favorite thing to do....
My daughter loves pink! The best part of this project is that all the clothes use fabric scraps and I love that!!!!! The book has patterns for all the clothes and you back them in felt so they stick to the felt doll.

Lots of clothes!
The one with the tulle skirt is my daughter's favorite.
My favorite is the pink jumper with the flower button.
Do you think I went a little crazy making them? My husband does. I actually think we need some more. My daughter will be picking out fabrics for them. They were really fun to make! Next up (for Christmas) are lots of Barbie clothes!
You go girl! I think she really liked it. Played for awhile with it. Great book and still lots of other projects I want to do!

Stuff I'm loving this week

These felt wipes were made by Twelve Crafts Till Christmas. These are on my to do list for my daughter for Christmas.
She also made this awesome child size diaper bag to play with. Tutorial here.
AND she made this great doll bassinet carrier. AND play felt diapers. AND more accessories. Check out her amazing blog and you can find tutorials for all of this! I will (hopefully) be making most of this for Christmas. Along with lots of Barbie clothes.......
These two are my favorites from the Mod Podge/Decoupage Challenge winners from the CSI Project. Aren't they great? The one above is a dollhouse made from two drawers!! This was made at Nice Girl Notes. Isn't this so smart????? LOVE! The one below is the other one I love. Pop art canvases made by The Frozen North. Have to try!

Cute pillowcases! I need some of these for my daughter's bed. Just for fun! Found at Lemon Tree Creations with tutorial.
This is a great bag I saw on So You Think You're Crafty? blog. It won and was made by Kojo Designs and tutorial is here. It's called the pumpkin patch weekender. Gotta try.

Guess who's 3?

Had a great princess party with three of her friends. Was so cute and girly, we got rid of all the wild brothers and dads, so just girls. A lot of fun!

I have to admit, I bought the cake. I made chocolate cupcakes that the girls ate. I'm not a great cake maker, and really dread it.

Three princesses in a row.

My favorite of the day. What a happy girl. My preemie (less than 4 lbs) is now a big girl. Love!!!


Had a great fall hike the other day at Junction Creek. So nice. Kids loved running!!!!
Being silly.


Fall is here

FALLLLLLLL!!!! We've had a few fires recently, and as much as I dread winters in the Colorado mountains (I'm sorry but I do), I love fall the most! And wood fires. And toasting marshmallows. And making s'mores. And the kids love all these things too. AHHHHH......
What could be cozier?

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