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Ping Pong Ball Eye Balls

We made these cute little eyeballs this week. Out of ping pong balls, markers, and tea lights.

Got the idea from Family Fun magazine (GREAT magazine for kid craft ideas).
Kids had a blast!!!! My daughter made one and my son made 2. He was really excited to scare everyone with them. We put them in our windows with the tea lights on, but you can't really see them from the road so I think for trick or treat night we'll put them on the porch.

These lights were on when she was doing this, so probably burning her retinas....We were laughing though, but asked her to stop.

They were very proud of themselves and it was a cheap and easy project. Basically you just cut an X into the bottom of the ping pong balls, decorate balls with markers, and set on tea lights. Easy!!!!!

Our masterpieces!


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