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My First Coat!

I finally finished this coat and I love it. I was doing the Sew-A-Long on From An Igloo back in SEPTEMBER!!! But hey, a month and a half later, it's done and it's cute! The pattern is Dear My Kids Peter Pan Collar Double Breasted Coat and DMK's etsy shop is found here. I bought a bunch of patterns and can't wait to try the rest out. I will say, for my first coat, it turned out GREAT. But sizing is off. My daughter is 3 and very petite. She's currently wearing a bunch of 18 month GAP pea coats so I made her a 3T in this pattern and it's VERY narrow on her back and very long. Next time I'm going to do a 4T and do the length of 2 or 3T. So that was my only complaint. I also took the time and interfaced the outer fabric so it hangs nicely.
Here's the back. Very darling. I got the fabric at Durango Sewing Company and fell in love with the colors. We went in to show the shop owner the finished coat and all these women just couldn't stop saying nice things about it. One was really funny and said she never would have thought to use such a grown up fabric for a little girl and that she loved it! So that was nice. That store has gorgeous fabric, I love every single one. Wish I were rich!!!!!
I made the flower headband a while ago and love that it's comfortable for her and stays in.
I changed the pattern by only doing one buttonhole and just doing a pretend one for the other one.
We had a fun photo shoot.
I'm having so much fun editing photos these days. Loving it. Finally got my free actions to load in Elements so it's SO FAST now to change effects.
Like these 4 photos.

7 comments on "My First Coat!"
  1. Love it! Where did you take the photos?


    Your daughter, the fabric, the pattern STUNNING!

    Thanks for linking to Sew Crafty Saturday

    Great pics btw too

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  3. Abby, took the photos in an alley in town. Chelsea from True Religion Photography took us there for photos. I LOVE peeling paint and there are some great doors with that. I can tell you the exact location next time I go!

  4. Wonderful job! I've made this coat too on a few occasions and also find that it's very narrow across the shoulders. To determine the size, I usually go by the width of the back yoke first. I like your good idea of making it shorter, I'll take that into account next time!

  5. Your coat is gorgeous and I love the fabric! I don't think it looks too long.

  6. I am loving this coat. I might have to make some for my girls. They don't need them, But I have an itch now.


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