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Stuff I'm loving this week

Ice cream cozy for a friend who's under the weather or has just had surgery. How thoughtful!!! It's on make it and love it. Also has a tote and drink cozy in the tutorial. It's the sweetest gift (and a little fun).
These look yummy! Pumpkin chocolate clip cookies on MADE. Need to make....

Finally a boy project I will be making. Hopefully my son will wear this cool scarf, but really not too sure. I love it. It's from a GREAT blog, Living with Punks, and there's a tutorial here for the Lil Dude Flannel Scarf with Treasure Pocket.
Here's the treasure pocket. So fun!
Here's another amazing project from Living with Punks. Tell me you're loving this button ruffle scarf like I am? When I am finally done with my craft bazaar on Saturday I am making this for my daughter. It's made out of jersey, and can use a tee shirt so I love that!!!! It's here.
One of my favorite blogs these days is twelve crafts till christmas. It's really great. She's having guest bloggers post about Christmas traditions. This spider is from a woman that did 24 Christmas crafts to go with books she gave to her kids. I love this idea and she picked her favorite 12. I don't have any Christmas books, just get ones out from the library, cause I hate to store them. But I need to get some good books and this beaded spider is just too cute!
I saw this beautiful coaster set on Noodlehead. It's from a book that I'm tempted to buy. (anyone have it I can borrow?) Wouldn't this be a GREAT gift for a girlfriend?
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  1. Ooh, I'm finally seeing this...thanks for the shout-out!!! I'm just getting my crafts lined up for this year!


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