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Knot Dresses from Bazaar

These are the knot dresses I had at my bazaar. The above photo was taken by my friend, Chelsea, of True Religion Photography. This dress was sold but I have material to make more. I have to list it on etsy....
This is the Holly dress, size 18m. Still available.

This is the Sara dress in 3T with apron and sold at the bazaar. I love the apron.
This "spray paint" is done in Photoshop Elements. A friend thought I really spray painted the wall. So funny!!!!
Ella knot dress in 18-24m size. Blues and browns are beautiful!

My Chelsea knot dress, 12m sold. I have material to make more and am making one in 18m for an order and also a 3T to sell. I made two custom dresses last week and will post on them shortly. Knot dresses were the BIGGEST hit of my bazaar and I love mixing fabrics so I'll be making a lot more of these.
3 comments on "Knot Dresses from Bazaar"
  1. These are so cute Ellen! Did you design/create the pattern for these dresses?

  2. Kati, I bought the pattern on etsy. I adjust the skirt by making it longer a lot of times and less full. If you want me to look up the seller I can. They're fun to make!


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