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We've finally gotten snow. I never thought I would say that, living here. Last year we had plenty of snow. But it's December and there hadn't been snow on the ground. We now have some, but with 40 degree weather, now we have lots of rain. But it was wet snow and perfect for making snowmen!!!! Here's my son's baby snowman.
And here's the MASSIVE one my husband made with the kids when I was at work. It only lasted one day, with the rain, it is gone now. So sad!!!! He used a ramp to get it built. Gotta love guys.

Kids had a blast. And we've been reading the book What Snowmen Do at Night. Was perfect for our snowman melting.
She lasted 2 hours outside. Much better than last year when it was about 5 min!

Winter Fun!


1 comment on "Snowmen"
  1. Love the snowmen! I think that is the biggest one I've ever seen!


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