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Pirate Party

Here's some pictures from my son's pirate party in January. He turned 4. I had pirate costumes for all the kids and we did a taco bar. So much fun!
Doesn't he look happy?!?!?
The pirate ship was NOT easy at all, but made it look ok, thanks to my husband and some candy details. I am not a baker and completely blame it on the altitude!
Ice cream sundae on his actual birthday.
Just listed the extra gift set I made. You can see it here.

Baby Shower Gift

I made this set for a baby shower gift. It's a diaper/wipes tote, changing pad and appliqued onesie.
Her husband is a carpenter so I thought the hammer would be cute....
It's a great set for on-the-go changes. Fill the tote with a hard wipes travel case, cream and some diapers and grab the changing pad and you're off!
I made one extra tote and changing pad that I will be adding to my shop.

Baby Gifts

So my kids had RSV for the last week and a half so I've been slacking on blogging and taking care of them. It's been awful and I think we're almost 100% thankfully, but of course I got a cold/cough recently. But in the middle of all this awfulness, my sister had her baby boy. It's her 3rd baby so she has everything she needs but I wanted to make her some stuff anyways.
This is what I have so far. Hoping to add some more things.
Cute frog bib with button closure.

Rocket ship and octopus applique from patterns on Crap I've Made.
Two more bibs. Haven't made many bibs and am having trouble with snaps so we'll see how it goes on these......
And 3 hanging hearts for all her kids, one covered button hair tie for her daughter (hope to add more) and onesie card. I hope to do a lot of sewing this week, I have two friends I would like to make purses for (for birthdays) and of course more dresses for my girl.

Flower Clips

Here's some of my flower clips. I love making them. They're in my esty shop.


Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started out with this-heart shaped french toast. YUM!!!!!
Followed by this.....sick kiddos! So sad. Had to cancel Valentine's Day party!!!! Everyone had sick kids.
Miserable. But she still managed a smile after each and every cough!
So my amazing husband baked a delicious chocolate cheesecake for the party. And of course, being a man, had to find an excuse to use this.
I mean, really? A blowtorch? Oh well. Had to form a sugar crust. Just a funny man thing (but I'm definitely not going to complain that he's an amazing cook).
So since the party was cancelled and we had an entire cheesecake and everyone was so disappointed, my husband dropped off a delivery of cheesecake and chocolate dipped strawberries (my contribution) to our guests. We will reschedule....

And this is how we do it in Colorado! Helping the chocolate set up....on a bed of snow. Not like we have any snow or anything. Worked like a charm.
Made these felt fortune cookies from Martha Stewart. Looked up free fortune cookie sayings - funny ones and love one. Turned out cute.

Hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day! I am blessed to have a beautiful, loving family. Life is good (better when the kids recover!).


SLIME!!!! We had a blast last night playing with slime. It's solid, it's liquid, it doesn't know what it is!
The recipe: 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup-3/4 cup water, food coloring. Add a few drops food coloring to cornstarch, mix, and then add a little water at a time, stirring with hand until cornstarch holds together. Then PLAY!
Of course we only had 1/4 cup of cornstarch on hand so it was a very tiny batch, but still so much fun!!!! The kids loved it. I have a bunch more recipes for other slimes I'm going to try out soon. But we must make it green next time (my son says).SLIME AWAY!

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

I made this heart garland tonight. It's the Easiest Heart Garland from Made by Rae. I cut all the hearts last night and have to say my hand hurt!!!! But today at nap time I zipped the hearts through the machine and it was SO FUN!!!! Very rewarding and really dresses up my house now!
The mantle.
And the chandelier are now festive and ready to celebrate Valentine's Day!


Scrapbook Bookmarks

I can NEVER find a bookmark when I need you have that problem? I had so many, but can't find any, so am using junk mail. Won't do I say!!!! I love making bookmarks from scrapbook paper, so easy. For my wedding, I cut out pages from a Colorado travel book, glued on a dried/pressed aspen, and wrote our names and wedding date in gold. They were one of the favors. Cheap and so cute-each was unique!

So tonight I made a bunch of bookmarks (some for a Valentine's Day party) using scrapbook paper. I first glued two coordinating papers back to back with Mod Podge (LOVE this stuff) yesterday, put under some heavy books and let dry. Tonight I used my x-acto knife, ruler, and cutting board to trim. They are 2" wide and as tall as you want them. Then I hole punched, slipped in some ribbon (doubled the ribbon, stuck the loop end through, and threaded the ends through that). I used fray check to seal the ribbon ends.And do you ever wonder what to do with those TINY prints from photo studios, like Walmart?

I like to put them on bookmarks-so cute. I usually "laminate" them with clear contact paper but was too lazy tonight, so just attached photo with double sided tape. Then I write the kids' names and ages and add some detail. They're quick, easy, cheap, and come in handy. You can also look at your adorable kids every time you read......


Chocolate Pudding

No special recipe for the pudding pops-just instant chocolate pudding (mixed according to directions) and pour in popcicle molds and freeze. So fun to eat!!!!

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