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So I did 2 paintings while I had the house to myself last week. I've had canvases forever just waiting to be painted and I was scared. I was trying to channel David Bromstad from Color Splash on HGTV. He makes it look so easy and uses paints and a spray bottle filled with water. Mine look nothing like his but I'm ok with them and love that I got to pick the colors for my living room. I did a gray one and a green one. I hung them upside down and like it.

I know, I have a cow head. You either love it or hate it and i LOVE IT!!! I got it in Santa Fe after a friend's wedding and just have always liked it.
This was where I painted. Squirt bottle has water in it.
Acrylic paint.


Pure Joy

This made my day. Really it did. How could it not?
My daughter came out from nap with her purse, glasses and hat on. Couldn't stop laughing!

I love these moments of NO FIGHTING!

Cards Made from Fabic Scraps

I love to use up my fabric scraps to make cards. I buy the blank cards from Hobby Lobby (when on sale if possible) and always have some around to use.
I just use glue to attach. Sometimes I sew on some buttons for details. These are my LOVE cards.
Love the hammer.
Cowboy boots for the west.

GUITARS!!!!! (with button detail)
Birds on branches with button eyes.
Onesie cards I saw on Martha and just fell in love with. I make these in fabric matching my baby gift sets for baby showers.
And animals. I just cannot throw fabric scraps's terrible. But when I can make these cute things it's ok!

Hair Clip Frame Tutorial

So do you like? I cannot claim that I thought this up, but can't remember where I saw it. Sorry! But it's the cutest hair clip frame! And it cost me $3. Can't beat that!

So I started with this frame from my church's thrift store for $3. Love it! No paint or anything needed.
Then I took this beautiful bird fabric that I love and my daughter has on her nightlight I made.
I removed the picture in the frame (didn't have glass which I didn't need anyways) and cut a rectangle bigger than the picture. Used Mod Podge on the back edges and folded fabric tight and let dry. Then I cut different ribbons a little longer than the back. I did four rows.
Extra length of ribbon.
I used craft glue to glue ribbon ends to back of piece. Let dry.
Pushed back into place (was very tight).
Close-up of back.
To make the back look a little nicer/tidier, I cut a rectangle from a brown paper grocery bag and used the craft glue to attach to back.
Attach clips and enjoy! I already filled this one and still have more clips, especially flower clips that I love to make. Oh well, it's a start and I LOVE how it looks in my daughter's room.


New Gift Sets and My New LABELS!

So look what arrived last week? My labels!!!! I ordered them from Jennifer's Jewels on etsy. I love them, brown background with simple white lettering. I'm now putting them on the back of my diaper & wipes totes and also on the corner of the changing pads. What do you think?

These are all pieces for sale, I got some sewing done in my week alone, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. But I also went rafting, out for sushi with a girlfriend, movie night with some friends, SILENCE in the house and some cleaning/organizing done. Was a great week for me to relax and rejuvenate and I loved it but of course couldn't wait to see my kids and husband again!
This is a corduroy set that I think is so cute for a mom having a girl!

And finally some cute boy fabric! I have a hard time finding fabric for mommies of boys. But I love the modern circles.


Fabrics for custom orders.

I have different amounts of each one, but I want to have customers pick their fabrics for diper/wipes totes and changing pad sets.


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