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Lil Blue Boo Nesting Doll Belt & Sour Cream Apple Bars

This is so cute! Perfect for making as gifts for little girls. Found on Lil Blue Boo with tutorial! She gives the download for the cute nesting dolls. Have to make!
Then I found today a recipe for Sour Cream Apple Bars on Just Another Day in Paradise. Looks so yummy and we got some apples from our tree (most frosted this year). Will have to make.

Flower Headband and Train Station

Today was a great day, we ran errands in the morning and then went to the train museum, my son's favorite place.
I made a bunch of headbands for my neice's birthday last night and made some for my daughter too. Took some pics today of her in one and a flower clip. Will post more pics of the other headbands soon.
This is her favorite cause of course it's PINK!!!!!!!

This is a purple one with gray button center.

A flower hair clip for sale in my etsy shop.
Looking so grown up, soon to be 3!
And this is how we started our day and my son said, take our picture!!!!!! I just love it when I get a good picture. (Of course MANY bad ones too, but was worth it)

Barbie Gown

Here's a barbie gown made by Jessica of craftiness is not optional. She's a guest on U Create and has a tutorial for this beautiful gown made of satin. It's here. I MUST start making barbie clothes for my daughter's birthday!!!!!


Adorable Girl's Room Photos

I'm in the mood to spruce up my daughter's room. Still don't have's currently a pink and green theme. I went on and searched under Rate My Space-girl's rooms and picked the top rated and these are my favorites from there.
This room is my favorite. I just love how energetic it is. I adore this color scheme. I think I need to do some deep raspberry and add in blue. I love the striped walls but not sure I can do it....textured walls.

She found this chair at a flee market. How amazing is that? JEALOUS.
Cute name displays.
Say's Lola in different sized little frames. Love this idea.
See, again, blue stripes with greens, whites, and a dark pink? I think this is the color scheme I love, but my daughter would not love blue walls, she's a pink and purple kind of girl.....
Tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart. I have this tutorial printed out and have always wanted to do it. I'm also loving the canopy detail. Just love it.

Things I'm loving....

Crafterhours made this modern/fun pillow after an Anthropologie one, using her fabric scraps and it was MUCH cheaper than the $88 price tag of the original. I think it's great, but she said it was time consuming. But yet another way to use up scraps. It's here.

Make it and Love it took a boat neck women's shirt and made it into the cutest girl's dress. I love the how she did the boat neck and added a cute button detail. Have to try. It's here.

It sure is fall here, leaves are starting to change and it is cold at night. I've never done shaved crayons/wax paper/ironing before but my kids would love this and the leaves are beautiful. V and Co. does a great tutorial here on her blog that I must try!

I'll just add these to my already too long TO DO LIST.

Chelsea Knot Dress

This is the Chelsea Knot Dress and I just listed it in my etsy shop. I love the fun pattern mix. I made it in 12m, but it's available in 2T-5T. I'm going to name each dress from someone I know. I made this one for Chelsea, the photographer I'm doing a trade with. I think the knot dresses are so cute on little girls!
Chevron pattern in black and white. So funny but Dana of MADE just mentioned this pattern on her blog here.
Trim is topstitched.
My fabric label is on back.


New flower clip for fall

Here's one of my new colors for fall. Sort of marroon, dark pink, and purple. It's velvety too and so nice. Will be listing these in my etsy shop this week.
Sorry I just had to put this one in.....

She was a good model.


Birthday Party Favors

I made 10 of these violet flower hair clips for my neice's 6th birthday party. They'll be favors for all the girls. They're so easy to make and look so cute!!!!! And they're fun to do. I used all different buttons for these.


It's time for Preschool BABY!!!!!!!!

Today was a very big day for us! First day of preschool for my son. When I picked him up he said I wouldn't believe how much fun he had today. I think that's pretty good!!!!!! So happy.......


Two more purses

After I made my purse last month, I got an order from a friend from high school for one and I also made my photographer friend, Chelsea, one. I love it still. But sadly, I used up all of this fabric now.....oh well, made some beautiful purses!
I made one purse with a covered button. I needed 1 1/2 inch button and our town had ZERO! Made a trip to New Mexico with the kids for buttons and fabrics and just fun at Target. Our CLOSEST target, over state line.....oh the fun of living in a small western town.
I love this button. Very artsy and fun and a shiny brown. Found it at JoAnn's.
Love my aspen trees. Leaves will be changing colors really soon! Hard to believe fall is here!!!!!

Lots of Appliqued Onesies and Tees

I've been busy this week sewing appliques on onesies and tees. I'm doing a trade with a photographer friend. I made her a bunch of shirts and we'll be having a photo shoot with her next week. I still have so many more ideas for her. Just need to find time to make it all, but I really enjoyed it! Since she's a photographer, she found fabric of cameras that she loved and asked me to make shirts for her 3 1/2 year old son and 3 month old girl. I think they turned out cute. I added a button for the lens on each one. She'll be doing photos of her kids in these and I'll post them when she does.

I didn't like the fabric against white. Navy looked good but the onesie and tee were really different colors. So I tried RIT Dye for the first time. Picked a nice gray. Used the tutorial on MADE, making it VERY easy and not intimidating. Would have liked the gray a little darker, but I dyed a lot of stuff so it's ok.And here are the ones I came up with using my fabric. This bird on a branch is my favorite! And it matches the bag I made her (just like the one I made for myself).

This is a classic car made from a Gymboree shirt that was too small and had cute surfer fabric with cars and palm trees. Love this one.

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