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DeStash! Fabric Notecard Tutorial

Here is my project to destash all that fabric you have lying around the house. FABRIC NOTECARDS!!!! Come on, I know you have lots of scraps! To see more project ideas on destashing, click the button below and visit kojodesigns.

Glue (I use Tacky Glue)
Heat n Bond Ultrahold
Blank Notecards/envelopes
Cut out shapes
Fabric scraps
Ironing Board
Buttons, thread, glitter... OPTIONAL

Let's begin!
1. First iron your fabric scraps to get all wrinkles out. Cut Heat n Bond to size of fabric. Follow directions on package for ironing (2-3 sec with iron on medium dry heat). Iron Heat n Bond onto WRONG side of fabric and allow to cool.
2. Decide what shapes you want to make. Use the internet for ideas. I like to cut out shapes from cardboard cereal boxes (easier to trace). Some designs I have made are birds, guitars, elephants, whales, guitars, hammers, cowboy boots, LOVE.... The sky's the limit!

3. Trace shape onto paper of Heat n Bond (reverse image) and cut out. Peel paper backing from design.
Now is the time to accessorize if you want. Hand sew buttons for eyes, add ribbon, anything you can think of! Put glue on back of design and press onto notecard. I put into a large book to dry so it will stay flat. When it's dry you can add glue and glitter like I do on my cupcakes.
Some other cards I have made.It's a nice touch to personalize gifts with matching fabric notecards like I do for my custom knot dresses I sell on etsy.

A nice, easy, and fun project! Hope you enjoy.


1 comment on "DeStash! Fabric Notecard Tutorial"
  1. These are absolutley darling! Thanks for the inspiration, because I have a trash bag full of scraps :)


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