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Doctor Birthday Party Part I

This is my son sleeping with a doctor book in his bed. So for his 5th birthday he asked for a doctor party. At first I said no, cause I couldn't think of ANY creative/theme things to do. Then I looked on the internet and found a few ideas and thought of a lot on my own. So I'll be doing some posts on my doctor birthday party. It was a HUGE HIT with the kids and so unique and fun!
This is the birthday boy. I made the scrubs myself. More on that in Part II.
Pre-Party: It all began with my invitations. I made them like I make my fabric notecards. Red fabric crosses. I will soon have a tutorial for making these notecards.
Inside. I got ideas for the inside from this site here.
For the favor bags: I made bookmarks with scrapbook paper and medical stickers I got at Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby. I now have a laminator that I LOVE and these bookmarks are so easy to make. After this step above I trim, hole punch in top and tie a ribbon. Very simple and cute.
Tic Tacs. Did you know that kids LOVE LOVE LOVE these things? I didn't. I just picked them cause they're in pill shapes. But boy were they the HIT of the party! So anyways, I started with tic tacs.
Then found this image in google images for Vitamin C. Copied and printed out.
Cut out labels and glued on. Instant vitamin C.
We had a few different stickers, so we had nurse, doctor, and hospital one. Favor bags included 3 band aids, two skeleton lollipops (got on clearance from Halloween), eyeball or finger or mouth or some body part chocolate (Halloween again), two winter pencils (dollar spot at Target), Vitamin C (tic tacs), sheet of stickers. All in a cellophane bag. I REALLY wanted these. They're syringe pens and can be found on amazon. I waited too long, didn't want to spend anymore money, and just thought the bags were full enough. But aren't they GREAT????? Wish I would have gotten them. Kids would have loved them. But you have to stop sometime.....but next time!?
Doctor stickers.
More to come!
4 comments on "Doctor Birthday Party Part I"
  1. Great party! Holli was just looking at this post with me and she said 'hey, that looks like Grant'

  2. That looks so fun! I just made some fabric cards the other day with your tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read more on this party!

  3. This is a great idea! I am featuring it on a birthday post I am doing today- check it out.


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