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Doctor Birthday Party Part II

Here's Part II for my son's doctor birthday party. You can find Part I here. Let the operating begin!
The operating room (AKA my pilates reformer-seeing much more action at the party I must say). Kids got masks and gloves and could use all our play medical tools. I even borrowed a pair of kid crutches from my church. Santa brought my son band aids, finger splints and ACE bandages in his stocking for Christmas this year. I don't know how Santa does it, but he just knew about the party I guess!
Masks and gloves for the doctors (from Walmart).
My daughter, the nurse, and her friend.
Found skeleton drawing, cut it out, and laminated. Then cut out each piece. Had two skeletons and let kids put together the bones. Was a lot of fun!
Two completed skeletons.
Printed eye chart and hung up.
Empty face cream jars. Added fabric red crosses and glued them on. Medicine for the operating room.
Made up a bunch of ailments, folded them, and kids could pick one out of a bowl and see what is wrong with the patient. FUN!
Had a station to make doctor name tags. This was probably the biggest hit. I go name badge holders from Walmart and clip holders from Office Depot. Had white, or red, or blue construction paper, markers, stickers, and plastic sticky gemstones for decoration.
The game Operation OF COURSE set up at a station!
My red cross banner. Made of felt.
Had all the material so was free. Had this red bias tape for so long (from a thrift store in Craig, CO). Used white and red felt and glued crosses onto triangles. Sewed bias tape. Very easy and turned out really cute. Did a red and white theme (red plates, red balloons).
More to come in Part III.
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  1. my sister and i used to have many medical toys when we where kids, we even have a printed eye chart that we use to play with our eyes. how i miss those days. :)


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