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Hobo Cinch

I LOVE this book. Really. I got it out from the library, but love it so much that I bought it for my birthday in Dec. So now I own it-YEAH! It's here on Amazon.
And here's my first project, the Hobo Cinch. Just love this bag! It is very easy to make. I added velcro closure (not sure this is really needed yet....), and lots of pockets. Directions didn't call for any pockets which I think is crazy, but it's so easy to add your own. Isn't it cute? Great fabric I got in Grand Junction when I was there (will be making my daughter a dress out of it soon).
Here's the photo from the book. LOVE! There's also a ton more than I want to make in here like reusable sandwich baggies, lunch tote, sandwich wrap. Will be great for my son going to kindergarten next year. Lots of boy designs are on my list.
These colors are me. Especially the brown. Probably my favorite color to wear.
Inside has two pockets on one side, other side has a long one that I divided into 3 sections. Plenty of room for my stuff. And all lined in gray (got about 5yds of this gray at the thrift store for $1 because it has some holes in it, but I'm loving it-gray lining in my purses is my favorite these days).
My label.
2 comments on "Hobo Cinch"
  1. What is the difficulty in these bags? Is it something a novice sewer could do??

  2. Amber, It was defintitely the easisest bag I have ever sewn. If you're comfortable using a sewing machine I think it would be a GREAT one to try. You don't have to make the straps, they're I think twill tape that you buy (and sew ends together). But I say go for it!!!!


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