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I HEART Thrift Stores

My friends that really know me know that I LOVE garage sales and thrift stores. A LOT! My kids and I spend nearly every Sat morning in the summer (when my husband's working) out garage saling. My son is always looking for trains, so that keeps him interested, and my daughter loves to see all the toys (pretty much never buy them, but they are so happy to play and look). We really have fun doing it and I've gotten so many great things there. But since it's winter, I have to rely on thrift stores alone and it's ok. But my favorite thing to buy there are BUTTONS!!!!Check out these prices-10 cents a card! I really cannot believe how much JoAnn's and places charge for buttons, I think it's ridiculous. And since I use buttons all the time for my flower hair clips like these.
And these.....

And these....

And these....
And a lot more. Also for my fabric notecards. So I love to have lots of buttons.
Oh, and the big buttons are great for my purses! What to you love to buy at thrift stores/garage sales?
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