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Easter Paper Bag Nest

This is a fun and VERY EASY Easter project from Family Fun Magazine. If you don't get this magazine, you should. I LOVE IT! Tons of fun ideas each month. I can't say I've done many of them, but I rip them out and save them in a binder. So one day.....
So it's a paper bag nest with glued on twigs. Then my daughter painted a rock (purple, of course) and glitter glued a face on it.
She adores it. I sadly don't do enough crafts with her. Hopefully next year when my son is in kindergarten I will be tons of fun and organized and all that.......
And this photo is just because. Because I love her and think she's cute!

1 comment on "Easter Paper Bag Nest"
  1. She is so cute! I love Family Fun! It should be required reading for families.


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