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It's in the Genes

It's in the genes, well partly. I definitely got my creative gene from my grandmother and great-grandmother. But I'm not quite as talented. Not the painting gene like Ahmie had. Ahmie was my great-grandmother (not technically my great-grandmother, but I guess my grandfather's aunt who pretty much raised him when his mother passed away). Anyways, Ahmie's name was Ellen Jane. My name is Ellen Jane. I'm the 5th generation of Ellen Jane in my family (and sadly, it looks like, the last). So I've always felt incredibly close to her. These amazingly beautiful painted shell cards are from her. Aren't they lovely and breathtaking?
They are so sweet and detailed with black pen lines and paint. She did some animals. LOVE the Peacock and cat's back.
Loving the pair of birds.
And flowers. Do you see how TINY these shells are. I mean, like tweezers worthy tiny. (I definitely didn't get the patient, tiny detail gene though....)
AHHHH roses. Sadly some are broken. But I treasure this little collection I have. Ahmie made them as gift tags/cards. She did lots of gorgeous framed paintings too. And something so special was a dollhouse where she crocheted rugs, curtains, and just made the sweetest dollhouse ever. I'm thrilled that it will be making the trek from Pennsylvania (my mom's house), to Michigan (my brother's house), to Colorado (my house) this summer!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to fix all the broken furniture and make it perfect again for my daughter to play with like I did.


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  1. Wow! Those cards are beautiful! You will have so much fun with the doll house. I can't wait to see it.


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