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Make Your Own Fabric Labels

Look what I made this month!!!!
Handmade labels!

I ordered this custom stamp recently from Staples. I think it was $13. I read about making your own custom labels on Pink Stitches in March and thought it was a great idea. It worked wonderfully and is so much cheaper than ordering them on etsy, but looks more handmade (which I happen to love).

You can read the tutorial on Pink Stitches but you just need fabric paint, a plastic lid, piece of felt, custom stamp, and ribbon or scrap fabric. It was really easy and fun!

I grabbed my bag of scrap fabric and went to town.

There's going to be mess ups but it's no big deal.

Here are all the pretty labels sewn into my bandanna skirts.

I use a little ribbon piece for size info.

Each one is fun and unique!

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