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So the big news around here is that we're moving. Leaving the most beautiful, wonderful place I have ever lived, Durango, and heading to Grand Junction, Colorado. I am very sad, but trying to remain happy and excited for a new adventure. My husband has gotten an amazing new job/promotion and we are thrilled for this part. He will no longer be chasing bears all spring/summer and will (hopefully) have more time with us. He will no longer be doing law enforcement so I will finally be able to put his photo on here!!!!! So we are in the process of selling our house, and I am spending a lot of time cleaning for showings and keeping toys hidden. It's exhausting!!!!! The exciting news is that Grand Junction is cheaper to live than Durango so top on my list for our new house is a CRAFT/SEWING ROOM. It's really non-negotiable. If I'm going to leave all my dear friends, then at least I'm going to finally have a room for ME! So I love seeing craft rooms on the blogs and am dreaming of mine right now.....

I currently cut all my fabric on the ground and usually on carpet and it's ridiculous. So when I saw this beautiful cutting table I fell in love. She tells you how she made it (by chopping an Ikea shelf in half) here and I love it all! And to the left are her three sewing machines. I have my eye on a serger and just maybe I'll have a spot for it soon.
I love all the beautiful fabric stacked up in the shelving. So pretty.
And is this the smartest thing EVER? I couldn't believe my eyes. To use a pant hanger for ribbon. GENIUS! I have ribbon everywhere and this is just so organized and wonderful. I am definitely doing this. For sure. You should too....
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  1. i love how u used a pants hanger for your ribbon amazing


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