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Some Days Make Me Laugh

Chocolate mouth. How does this happen every time?

This is how I found her watching TV this week. Made me laugh. AHHHH to relax in a laundry basket!


Diaper/Wipes Totes and Changing Pads

Here's three baby gift sets I made last week. There's a diaper/wipes tote and changing pad. I haven't decided if I will make an appliqued onesie for each set or not. I will be taking these sets to PA in a week to sell in my brother-in-law's chiropractic office. Let me know if anyone in CO wants to buy them before I take them to PA. I've been busy sewing purses and flower hair clips to take. I'll post photos when I get a chance.
Black and White Mod Set.
Black, White, and Red Scroll Set. My FAVORITE!!!!
Black and Blue Scroll Set. All these would be great for a mom of a boy. Hard to find boy fabric that I love, but these are beautiful to me!!!!
Changing pad is black on underside. Made of all cotton with padded inner lining. Can machine wash when needed and laid flat to dry. Was essential when I had my little ones in diapers for quick and handy changes.

Valentine's Day Hearts

Let's look at some Valentine's Day decorations! My felt Valentine's Day garland that I made last year. Post is here.
Do you remember my hanging heart tutorial? It was my very first tutorial!!! PERFECT for Valentine's Day. I have lots of them hanging year round on doorknobs for the kids' rooms and closets. But they are especially cute this time of year to give to friends. Easy to make!

Here's some ideas I've found on other blogs that I love for Valentine's Day.
Isn't this BEAUTIFUL!?!?!?!? I want to make this LOVE sign for sure. It's just too cute. The Valentine's bunting and LOVE sign tutorials are on Crap I've Made.
And here's a tutorial to make a finished edge inset heart.
I love this simple gathered heart pillow by Vanessa at V and Co. She does a tutorial here.

Doctor Birthday Party Part II

Here's Part II for my son's doctor birthday party. You can find Part I here. Let the operating begin!
The operating room (AKA my pilates reformer-seeing much more action at the party I must say). Kids got masks and gloves and could use all our play medical tools. I even borrowed a pair of kid crutches from my church. Santa brought my son band aids, finger splints and ACE bandages in his stocking for Christmas this year. I don't know how Santa does it, but he just knew about the party I guess!
Masks and gloves for the doctors (from Walmart).
My daughter, the nurse, and her friend.
Found skeleton drawing, cut it out, and laminated. Then cut out each piece. Had two skeletons and let kids put together the bones. Was a lot of fun!
Two completed skeletons.
Printed eye chart and hung up.
Empty face cream jars. Added fabric red crosses and glued them on. Medicine for the operating room.
Made up a bunch of ailments, folded them, and kids could pick one out of a bowl and see what is wrong with the patient. FUN!
Had a station to make doctor name tags. This was probably the biggest hit. I go name badge holders from Walmart and clip holders from Office Depot. Had white, or red, or blue construction paper, markers, stickers, and plastic sticky gemstones for decoration.
The game Operation OF COURSE set up at a station!
My red cross banner. Made of felt.
Had all the material so was free. Had this red bias tape for so long (from a thrift store in Craig, CO). Used white and red felt and glued crosses onto triangles. Sewed bias tape. Very easy and turned out really cute. Did a red and white theme (red plates, red balloons).
More to come in Part III.

Ellzabelle Now Sold in Local Store!

Today was a BIG day for me, I finally took my ellzabelle items to a local store to sell!!!!! All my friends have been telling me to do it for a long time, don't know why I haven't. I am VERY excited for this. For all you locals: my purses, baby gift sets (onesies, changing pads, diaper/wipes totes), flower hair clips, and fabric notecards are now at Rocky Mountain Children's Company in Durango. The owner is amazingly nice and helpful. She is moving the store (still in Durango) shortly and wants to focus on selling consignment items and locally made items from local artists. I think it's a great idea, especially for our town. So stop in and look around and if you make anything, take it in to her to sell!!! She wants more local artists!!!!! SO EXCITED. Now I have cleared out a lot of inventory and can make more things. So I better get sewing!

Doctor Birthday Party Part I

This is my son sleeping with a doctor book in his bed. So for his 5th birthday he asked for a doctor party. At first I said no, cause I couldn't think of ANY creative/theme things to do. Then I looked on the internet and found a few ideas and thought of a lot on my own. So I'll be doing some posts on my doctor birthday party. It was a HUGE HIT with the kids and so unique and fun!
This is the birthday boy. I made the scrubs myself. More on that in Part II.
Pre-Party: It all began with my invitations. I made them like I make my fabric notecards. Red fabric crosses. I will soon have a tutorial for making these notecards.
Inside. I got ideas for the inside from this site here.
For the favor bags: I made bookmarks with scrapbook paper and medical stickers I got at Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby. I now have a laminator that I LOVE and these bookmarks are so easy to make. After this step above I trim, hole punch in top and tie a ribbon. Very simple and cute.
Tic Tacs. Did you know that kids LOVE LOVE LOVE these things? I didn't. I just picked them cause they're in pill shapes. But boy were they the HIT of the party! So anyways, I started with tic tacs.
Then found this image in google images for Vitamin C. Copied and printed out.
Cut out labels and glued on. Instant vitamin C.
We had a few different stickers, so we had nurse, doctor, and hospital one. Favor bags included 3 band aids, two skeleton lollipops (got on clearance from Halloween), eyeball or finger or mouth or some body part chocolate (Halloween again), two winter pencils (dollar spot at Target), Vitamin C (tic tacs), sheet of stickers. All in a cellophane bag. I REALLY wanted these. They're syringe pens and can be found on amazon. I waited too long, didn't want to spend anymore money, and just thought the bags were full enough. But aren't they GREAT????? Wish I would have gotten them. Kids would have loved them. But you have to stop sometime.....but next time!?
Doctor stickers.
More to come!

Fabric Notecard Tutorial

So do you want to know how to make my fabric notecards like these LOVE ones above?
And here?
And here?
And here? Well go to Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and find out! Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

Purple Day

It was a purple day. She loves only purple and pink things these days. It's pretty funny. So it was a purple day.
I guess next will be a pink day.
What a great day!

Keyka Lou Wrist Pincushion

Remember this coat I made? Here.
I have some fabric scraps left and have made this.
This is a great wrist pincushion from Keyka Lou. Tutorial is here and I loved this project. Will be making more for my sewing friends.
Velcro holds it on your wrist. I just started using the long pins and I'm liking them.


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