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Coat Photos in Online Catalog!

Remember the coat I made? It's here. Well it was from a DMK Easywear pattern. I bought a bunch of their patterns on etsy and really am anxious to try the others I have. I was contacted awhile ago to see if it was ok to put my daughter's photos of the double breasted coat in an online catalog! Of course I said YES and my photos are on the first two pages and look great. Catalog is here. You can click on page to zoom in.

Easter Joy

Happy Easter! Today is RAINY, but we always need rain in Colorado. But yesterday for the Easter Egg Hunt it was nice. Kids had fun!!!! Rolling down the hill....
Saying hi to the Easter Bunny that arrived on the fire truck. The kids know he's not real and I didn't even pretend, ever. It seems so silly to me.....but is still my son's favorite holiday.

Being silly.

It was a purple day.

Having fun with friends.

Checking out our candy!

Hope you all have a blessed Easter!


Heavenly Handbags

Here's what I made this week. Every year for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) we do an outreach project. This year we participated in Heavenly Handbags. This is the purse I made for it. The material is donated to the organization (scraps and remnants) and they provided me with a pattern. This purse will be filled with travel-sized toiletry items for women at our local community shelter and safehouse. It's a great organization and this month the group is donating 10 handbags. MOPS moms collected enough toiletries to fill 7 handbags!!!!!

Pattern was easy and it came together pretty fast (minus the fact I had the worst stomach bug for 4 days while I had to make this.....). I will be making more purses. I just heard from the woman at Heavenly Handbags and for June they will be doing something different. They will be donating purses filled with housewarming items for women in Guatemala who's husbands were killed in war. There's a group going down there to build 8 homes for these widows and then they will each get a purse. How nice!!!! I will be making at least one more purse for this trip. If anyone in Durango is interested in sewing a purse for Heavenly Handbags, let me know and I can get you contact information.


Cupcake Decorating at MOPS

Look what I made today? So pretty and I love the spring colors! I made these at my MOPS meeting. I love this group, it's a very supportive group of moms of preschoolers and we have a speaker or do a craft every other week (twice a month). Today was cupcake decorating with an amazing mom who is a professional cake decorator! Here she is. Jessica is great and will be out MOPS leader next year! I hate baking, and really dread making my kids' birthday cakes each year. I like to blame it on the high altitude that it never turns out right. But this is my second lesson from Jessica so I hope I'm getting better....

Lots of laughter and fun today. Beautiful cupcakes everywhere!

We all got to take home an icing tip and some plastic bags for icing. Lots of giveaways...I won lots of sprinkles!

We even learned how to make these gorgeous roses. So pretty and not hard! (although mine didn't look like this...)

Four fondant colors with cookie cutters to make flowers, edible "spray paint" for icing, sprinkles, and lots of other items for decorating. I personally loved the tip that made "grass" and put a fondant carrot on top.

Look at that cute bunny!

My girl, Ocea.

What a wonderful morning with amazing moms. Great day. AHHHHHH... Now waiting until dinnertime for dessert!


Easter Paper Bag Nest

This is a fun and VERY EASY Easter project from Family Fun Magazine. If you don't get this magazine, you should. I LOVE IT! Tons of fun ideas each month. I can't say I've done many of them, but I rip them out and save them in a binder. So one day.....
So it's a paper bag nest with glued on twigs. Then my daughter painted a rock (purple, of course) and glitter glued a face on it.
She adores it. I sadly don't do enough crafts with her. Hopefully next year when my son is in kindergarten I will be tons of fun and organized and all that.......
And this photo is just because. Because I love her and think she's cute!


Guitar and Car Applique Shirts

Here are a few applique shirts I've listed in my etsy shop this week. Lots of fun guitars for spring and summer!
12-28m longsleeve. Listed here. Love the circles. GROOVY!
3T gray longsleeve shirt with guitar applique. I hand dyed the shirt gray. Very fun! Listed here.

Fabric label.
Surf's up! 4/5T car applique red longsleeve shirt. Surfer fabric reclaimed from Gymboree shirt.
Button wheels. Listed here.
Aqua 24m (2T) short sleeve girl's shirt with vintage fabric guitar applique.
So bright for sunny summer days! Listed here.

Fabric label.


It's in the Genes

It's in the genes, well partly. I definitely got my creative gene from my grandmother and great-grandmother. But I'm not quite as talented. Not the painting gene like Ahmie had. Ahmie was my great-grandmother (not technically my great-grandmother, but I guess my grandfather's aunt who pretty much raised him when his mother passed away). Anyways, Ahmie's name was Ellen Jane. My name is Ellen Jane. I'm the 5th generation of Ellen Jane in my family (and sadly, it looks like, the last). So I've always felt incredibly close to her. These amazingly beautiful painted shell cards are from her. Aren't they lovely and breathtaking?
They are so sweet and detailed with black pen lines and paint. She did some animals. LOVE the Peacock and cat's back.
Loving the pair of birds.
And flowers. Do you see how TINY these shells are. I mean, like tweezers worthy tiny. (I definitely didn't get the patient, tiny detail gene though....)
AHHHH roses. Sadly some are broken. But I treasure this little collection I have. Ahmie made them as gift tags/cards. She did lots of gorgeous framed paintings too. And something so special was a dollhouse where she crocheted rugs, curtains, and just made the sweetest dollhouse ever. I'm thrilled that it will be making the trek from Pennsylvania (my mom's house), to Michigan (my brother's house), to Colorado (my house) this summer!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to fix all the broken furniture and make it perfect again for my daughter to play with like I did.



Vintage Knot Dress and Estate Eclectic

This is a knot dress I made for an old friend. Her name is Betsy and we've been friends since 3rd grade. She now lives near Boston. Here she is. Beautiful, huh????? Well she sent me some vintage fabric (the pink rosebuds on the skirt and the big blue flowers on the bodice) and wanted a custom knot dress for her adorable daughter. I hope she likes how it turned out, I think it's adorable (more on that in a bit). Anyways, Betsy owns and runs this amazing shop, estate eclectic. She has a BEAUTIFUL blog and etsy shop where she sells unique finds. And starting TODAY, she's launching a vintage baby and kids collection in her shop!!!! Here's a sneak peak.

Stop by her shop and see all the goodies. Once they're gone, they're gone and she'll debut another kid collection in the spring. So FUN!!!! And she's also celebrating with fun posts all week. I can't wait to check it out. Now onto the dress....

Knot dresses are so fun and practical in that they are adjustable and last a bit longer than other dresses.
Beautiful purple flower Kaffe Fassett fabric I added to the vintage fabrics. I think it's a fun mix.
Label on back. I think I might start making my own labels like on here. Pretty simple and looks handmade which I love and I can make LOTS!
Also made a flower clip out of a fabric scrap, button, and snap clip. All hand sewn. NO GLUE!
So check out my lovely friend, Betsy's blog and get inspired. She has two little ones running around and gets so much done! So impressed with her and her impeccable taste.


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