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Fall Fun

We had a fun field trip with my son this week at Moon Farm. We all had a blast!

There was an old train that my son loved of course.

Do you get pictures like this all the time? It's so funny to me. So hard to get a nice photo sometimes!

Great tire swing. My daughter wants to go to school so much! Will have to wait till next year-preschool!

The best part of the whole day were the BUNNIES! The kids could hold them.

My mom is here this week, leaving tomorrow. It's been so great having Nana here this week!


There were two babies and they were the cutest.....

She wore the Halloween bandana skirt I made.

Hayride to the pumpkin field. My son's pumpkin was still attached to the vine.

Hope everyone's having a great week. Loving fall!


Creative Storage Ideas

So you may have thought I fell off the face of the earth. I kind of did. I mean, I MOVED.

SO much work and finally got Internet at our new house after 2 weeks without. It was very painful living without it, let me tell you. So we're getting settled and loving our new (rented) house and town. Still not all unpacked, but my mom comes tomorrow from PA so I plan to get it done when she's here to help with the kids.

And we went from full day kindergarten for my son to half day in our new town so I am getting nothing done in the a.m. anymore.......Frustrating. But I do have lots of projects to blog about like my daughter's 4th bday party-Animal Party!

For today I thought I would post something for organizing since that's on my mind every minute of every day-how to fit everything nicely into this house!

Using magnetic knife rack for toy car storage. I found this on babble and it's here.

Using metal hose clamps, mason jars, and a repurposed board/moulding for pretty storage.

This is the most amazing idea for repurposing those toy animals that are all over everyone's house!!!! A little glue, spray paint and some jars and DONE! Also on babble's The New Home Ec.

I found this photo awhile ago and it was on babble this week, but it's a dollhouse bookcase made from old drawers and I think it's BRILLIANT!!!!!

So just a few ideas on creative storage/repurposing.


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