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Good thing I made all those tooth fairy pouches recently cause the tooth fairy has been to our house twice this week. My son lost both front teeth and looks adorable.
My son likes to keep his teeth. The tooth fairy took his last tooth cause he told us it was ok, but then changed his mind and hid the tooth. So the tooth fairy took his tooth anyway!!!!! Needless to say, my son was sad, and my husband suggested that this time he write a note to the tooth fairy. He told my son that adding Thank You was a good idea! So funny....
Having fun with his sister today. Had a wonderful weekend with my family. Blessed.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pouches

I've been making tons of adorable tooth fairy pillow pouches recently. They are so much fun and easy too. I've also been loving working with felt. And I FINALLY did a blanket stitch and really liked how it looked. I found the great tutorial here on Purl Bee. For other great tooth fairy pillow ideas look here.
These are great for birthday party gifts!

Extending PJ Tutorial

I love extending my kids' pj's when the footed pajamas get too tight. The above pic is my daughter in her new pj's, after I cut the feet off and added a knit fabric band. Footed pajamas always get too tight in the feet before they outgrow the rest. So here's an EASY tutorial on how to get more time out of them!
1. Supplies: footed pj's, scissors, outgrown tee shirt in coordinating color or knit fabric scrap
2. Cut feet off pj's, as close to bottom as possible.
3. Take tee shirt (or knit fabric) and cut two wide bands.
4. Fold the fabric in half and make the band fit the width of the pajama leg plus 1 inch (on both sides).
5. Sew the ends together with a zigzag stitch. Fold band with raw ends on inside to make a nice neat band (see the raw edges on inside in photo below).
6. Pin right sides together, with raw edge of band matching up with raw edge of pajama leg.
7. Zigzag stitch around edge. I stitched around two times. Make sure to avoid zipper!
8. Repeat for other leg and VOILA, fold down and finished.
Now you have cute pj's that will last just a bit longer!

Fun Winter Breakfast

Doesn't this make you smile? I saw the idea in the BEST magazine this month, Family Fun Magazine.
You give the kids these snowmen and they decorate with chocolate chips. The snowmen are made from banana slices, carrot sliver for nose, pretzel arms, apple and grape hat. EASY!
Here's my daughter's snowman.
Kids LOVED this and had the biggest smiles. Made my day for sure.

DAD Frame

I made this for my husband for Christmas. It's a DAD frame from Martha Stewart. It's made out of green cardstock, filled with the kids' photos. It's for his office and I think he really liked it. It would be a great gift for Father's Day also.

Personalized Wedding Gift

This was a wedding gift for my cousin's wife. It was late, but never mind that.... It included a set of fabric monogrammed notecards with her new last name and a purse. To find out how to make fabric notecards you can see my tutorial here.
I adore this pink and orange fabric. It's lined in denim fabric.
Pockets inside have a fun strip of outside fabric on the pink fabric.
Magnetic snaps.
Here's it with the other one I made.
My son loves to pose with my stuff.

Fort Kits

Here are the only handmade things I made for the kids for Christmas. They're FORT KITS! I got the idea from a lot of blogs here, here, and here.
Here's my son's fort kit. I used a tie dye shirt that I made last summer for the bag and ties and an old table cloth that I had. I used clothespins that I had and bought clips, glow bars, suction cups, rope, and a flashlight for the kit.
I looped the tee shirt ties and sewed to each corner and middle. The kids can use the loops for rope or clips/clothespins.
I got tags from one of the websites (can't remember which one, sorry) and printed.
I got two sheets from Goodwill for $1.50/each. I used striped knit fabric that I had on hand for the ties. I love the polka dot sheet!!!! (it's actually a curtain with button holes).My daughter got the same things. I made her bag from the fitted sheet that came with the burgundy sheet. And of course, a Tinker Bell flashlight for her.
These are wonderful, creative gifts to make and so easy and CHEAP!!!!! The kids loved them and I know they will be used for years to come.

Blue Flower Hair Pin

I've been busy making lots of flower hair pins. I love all these colors, set on bronze bobby pins or silver. All beads are hand sewn onto the centers, then flower is glued onto hair pin. They are set on Amy Butler cards for beautiful gift giving.
This blue flower with brown center is listed here.
So pretty for women or kiddies (or bridesmaids, prom, BFF....).
I will be listing the other colors soon I hope!

Pleated Purse

I made this purse for my best friend. I love the colors of this fabric, so bright and fun!
The purse is made from one of my favorite patterns. Nice pleats and a great size for everyday.
I put a large pocket on each side, and stitched down the middle to make 4 pockets. And this time I put a strip of outer fabric for some pop.
I used one of my handmade ellzabelle tags on the outside. A sweet pink batik.
Oh, and I made one for myself too. Loving it!

Toy Storage

A GREAT blog, The Cottage Mama, shares her idea for storing the millions of toys that are all over all of our houses. I love it! That should be my resolution, to declutter and organize since I HATE it and it's not my strong point. We'll see....

Felt Pinwheels

I made a lot of beautiful felt pinwheels a while ago. LOVE THESE! Lots of color combinations adn they are so easy to make. I made them from a great tutorial at Mrs. Priss.
I then made the pinwheels into barrettes and headbands.
I had these headbands and added the pinwheels to them. I sewed them on using small stitches.
My daughter loves them!
The possibilities are endless! You can also make them from fabric like in the tutorial here.
I used long brass bobby pins with a flat part from Hobby Lobby. Used tacky glue to attach.
I hand sewed buttons to the centers.
My daughter with the clip. These make very cute and easy gifts!
I shared this post at Sisters of the West's Linky Party and was featured.

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