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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Outfits

We're leaving for Disneyland this weekend and I just HAD to make outfits for my kids. Just some very simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse head appliques and a matching dot skirt and headband. It was very easy and I think they turned out cute. I sewed a fabric bow onto the headband and will take it off when we get back. I think I'll still add a bow to Minnie's head.
I added in one of my fabric ellzabelle labels in red inside the skirt. I lined the skirt with black fabric so it has a really nice weight to it.
This was a plain navy sweatshirt that my son never wore and outgrew, so I decided to make a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt for my daughter. Since we're going this month, I'm sure we'll need warm clothes in the evening.
I googled Mickey Mouse and found a ton of outlines for his head. I printed it out, resized it and traced it onto fabric. I ironed Heat n Bond on the back and ironed onto the sweatshirt. Then I zigzag stitched in purple all the way around. Simple!!!! I sewed a heart onto the inside label and one on the back.
I might make another outfit for my daughter if I get time this week....... It's all of our first time to Disneyland so I want it to be special and it's so fun to make outfits for her since she loves wearing everything I make. I just might need to make it pink!!!!
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  1. Ellen... we are going to D-land in a few weeks... guess what I am making? Yup. I am making them all the same color so I can easily spot my kid! :-) Thanks for the idea!


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