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Friday, March 16, 2012

Disneyland Fun

We had our first official family vacation recently and drove to Disneyland. It was PERFECT and AMAZING and we all LOVED every minute.
Had to visit the LEGO store in Downtown Disney for my LEGO son. He used his spending money and money at home for another LEGO train. He was so excited.
My daughter in "jail" in Toontown.
Muscles. So much exploring to do in Toontown.
My daughter's favorite ride, The Carousel. We rode it probably 10 times over the 3 days since there was never a line for it.
Saw TWO Disney parades and my daughter and I loved seeing all the beautiful princesses. Snow White is my favorite.
Everyone is so happy at Disney. It really is magical. It was our first trip to Disneyland and couldn't have been better.
My daughter wanted to be a butterfly and looked adorable.
It was great to leave Colorado cold and get to warmer California weather.
California Adventure Park was fun too.
My husband and son's WORST ride. This Ferris wheel had cabs that swayed and moved. There was no way in the world I would have gotten on that ride. It was tough enough to watch.
AMAZING ride. We loved Buzz Lightyear and rode it a few times.
Exploring the pirate island.
Pirate treasure!
My daughter loved all the GOLD. It's one of her favorite colors.
My husband had to practice his shooting skills.
My son deciding where we should go next.
The most beautiful Minnie apples.
My 4 year old daughter loved getting her picture with all the Disney characters. She was so sweet and excited for each one. My 6 year old son could care less.
They got along great the whole trip, just a little hyper at times.
Tinkerbell! Worst wait of all the attractions, waiting to see her at Pixie Hollow. 45 min.....
Had one rainy day and it was the BEST. Not crowded and at one point we were the ONLY people at Toontown and got to see Mickey Mouse. It was incredible. We had the gear and didn't mind the rain.
Donald and my little Minnie Mouse/butterfly daughter.
Wearing the Minnie Mouse sweatshirt I made. A little chilly in Feb so she wore it every day at times.
One day my daughter wanted to be a princess. Why of course!!!!!
Mickey Mouse pretzel treat.
A special treat was seeing Modern Family being filmed in the park!!!!!!!
Al Bundy!
All in all the BEST trip. We did 3 days at Disney/California Adventure and it was the right amount of time. Two days would be been ok too. Stayed at Park Vue Inn and LOVED it. Right across from the park, literally the closest non Disney hotel. Free breakfast and free light dinner. Dinner wasn't exciting (hot dogs, tacos, mac n cheese, burgers, soup, salad) was we ate it every night and kids liked it and we just bought lunch in the park. Hotel also had pool. LOVED the clam chowder in the park. Took my stroller for my 4 year old daughter due to advice from a friend and it was a LIFESAVER. Overall amazing trip and visited Laguna Beach two days too (just a short 35 min drive).

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