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My Halloween Costume- Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Here's my Halloween costume I threw together yesterday for a party.  Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games (my favorite books!).  I had a blast making this and luck was on my side.  Made everything for $5!!!!!

I wore black shirt, gray jeans, brown boots, layered two brown belts, and french braided my hair to the side.  I borrowed my husband's bow for a bit at the party (his bow is the reason I thought to be Katniss in the first place).  I made the pin, arrows, and quiver (holder for the arrows) from thrift store finds yesterday!
First I bought this pleather jacket for $3 at the thrift store.  Loved it since it had a belt for the handle.  My husband came up with the idea to cut off the sleeve since it would be the perfect shape for the quiver.
 I took a seam ripper and took out stitching in the seam for outside and the lining.  Tried to machine sew the top, but kept getting stuck and looked awful with puckering.  So I did a hidden stich around the top, putting in the belt at the strap.  I cut a circle from the other sleeve for the bottom and hand sewed that too.  Glue would work also.  Very easy and turned out great!
Found these for 25 cents at the same thrift store!  I mean awesome!!!!!  Looked like feathers to me.
Had nice sparkle too.
Painted them gray and brown using craft paint I already had.  Kept some of the pink and teal with sparkles also for more color.

You can see in this photo that I also added gold for highlights on the arrows.  Then I cut an old swimming noodle to fit into the quiver, covered the top with brown felt, cut slits in the felt, stuck the arrows in, and glued the felt down.  Wasn't perfect but was pretty good, especially considering I had an hour before the party started!  You can see my side braid here.  French braided when my hair was wet (this was after the party).
And THE PIN!  I made this and it really made my outfit.  I think it turned out perfect and everyone at the party recognized me because of this pin.  I saw the costume (shirt and pin) for sale at Target for $25 but I wanted to be creative and didn't want to spend that much money.
So I found the two pins on the left for $1 each.  SCORE!!!!!!  I was giddy with excitement.  So I took them home, ripped off the fake pearls and painted the white bird with gold craft paint that I had.  It took a few coats, then superglued it onto the circle.  It looked awesome (it's only missing the arrow from the real pin, but overall a great replacement).

So if you want to be Katniss this Halloween, hit your local THRIFT STORE and get creative.  It was too much fun, a comfortable outfit, and everyone loved it!

I'll be linking to Saturday Seven Party , Sundae Scoop Link Party, Whipperberry.
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