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Sometimes you just need to wear a tutu.
And be a princess.
And curtsy like a ballerina.

Crayon Roll

I finally made a crayon roll. I've seen them everywhere and since my son hated crafts I never bothered. But my daughter LOVES to draw and paint and craft so this was the perfect travel present for Disney. She picked out the fabric. I followed a VERY easy tutorial from Prudent Baby here. The only thing I changed is to make the ribbon longer for closing.
It's so fun and my daughter loved it.
Owls on the outside and ties with fun dotted ribbon. I cut mine 23 inches long instead of 18.
My daughter wanted in!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Outfits

We're leaving for Disneyland this weekend and I just HAD to make outfits for my kids. Just some very simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse head appliques and a matching dot skirt and headband. It was very easy and I think they turned out cute. I sewed a fabric bow onto the headband and will take it off when we get back. I think I'll still add a bow to Minnie's head.
I added in one of my fabric ellzabelle labels in red inside the skirt. I lined the skirt with black fabric so it has a really nice weight to it.
This was a plain navy sweatshirt that my son never wore and outgrew, so I decided to make a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt for my daughter. Since we're going this month, I'm sure we'll need warm clothes in the evening.
I googled Mickey Mouse and found a ton of outlines for his head. I printed it out, resized it and traced it onto fabric. I ironed Heat n Bond on the back and ironed onto the sweatshirt. Then I zigzag stitched in purple all the way around. Simple!!!! I sewed a heart onto the inside label and one on the back.
I might make another outfit for my daughter if I get time this week....... It's all of our first time to Disneyland so I want it to be special and it's so fun to make outfits for her since she loves wearing everything I make. I just might need to make it pink!!!!

Valentine's Day LEGO Man Light Sabor Cards

Here are the valentines for my son's kindergarten class this year. Aren't the great? Perfect for my LEGO loving son. Found them here. The valentines she made are below. She provides the PDFs for printing the white cards or the colored ones. It's great to give each kid a glow bracelet instead of more candy. I was able to get a pack of 15 glow bracelets at Michael's for only $1!!! They were at the checkout area. Be careful when slipping the glow sticks into the slits. I accidentally activated two and my son one.....but I think they will be a huge hit for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day LOVE art

I made this LOVE art this week and I love it! I got the idea from the great blog Crap I've Made. She used chipboard letters, but Hobby Lobby was out of two of the letters so I had to use these bigger cardboard type letters. I painted it dark and light pink to match the heart garland that I made two years ago. I think it's nice and festive for Valentine's Day!

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