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Black Shirt Bandana Skirt Sets and Minnie Mouse Sets in my Shop!

Just listed these purple and dark turquoise bandana skirt sets in my etsy shop. I make them in white shirts and I love them in these black shirts! I can do horse heads, cowboy boots, guitars, Western stars and horse shoes.
The horse heads have a button eye.
Black and white polka dot trip on skirts.
My daughter modeling the skirt with cute black leggings and felt rosette headband I made.
Other bandana colors I have besides the purple and dark turquoise are chartreuse, red and pink. Can custom make!
Also listed custom Minnie Mouse sets with red shirts and black and white polka dot fabric here. Perfect for Minnie Mouse birthday party or trip to Disney!

Dry Erase Quiet Book

I just found this today on a great blog, i candy handmade. She makes the greatest quiet book for her kids in church. She finds mazes, coloring pages, etc and puts them in clear protector sheets. Then you buy the dry erase markers below, put it in a binder and there you have an amazing book for your child to play with at church or car rides or doctor apt waiting rooms or WHATEVER! I love it! She also shares a tutorial on how to make a photo of your child into a coloring book page. I am definitely making this book for my daughter that wants to draw all day. She's obsessed with Lion King so I'm going to fill it up with that!!!!! Full tutorial is here on i candy handmade. It's a great blog full of amazingly creative ideas!

Easter Party Dress

I made my daughter an Easter dress. First time! She loved it and so did I. I used the wonderful free Party Dress pattern from The Cottage Home. It was a great easy pattern (18m-5T) to follow and the sizing was right on!!!!!
For fabric I used "Variegated Garden" by Martha Negley and loved the bright pink and shades of green. I also used dark green dupioni silk for the trim and sash. I made my sash removable since I was nervous about washing the silk. I just used large safety pins on the sides and they stayed on perfectly. I attached a big silk flower with a safety pin on the front and she LOVED it!
There is a HUGE bow in the back. Next time I will make it a bit smaller. I had to retie it a lot when she was egg hunting and playing.
The back has 4 beautiful covered buttons that really make the dress look professional. I have a nice stash of smaller and larger buttons from etsy that I can cover. They are fun and easy to do if you've never tried.
With her Easter present, baby polar bear.
I made her a hair accessory last minute from Ashley's tutorial on Lil Blue Boo. It uses a long scrap of fabric, pipe cleaner and some glue.
I hand sewed the back onto a hair clip. It looked cute.

The skirt is nice and full for TWIRLING!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My daughter adores these bunny ears. We had a perfect Easter full of famly, friends, fun, and laughter!
I made my daughter's Easter dress. I will blog about it this week but I love how it turned out!

Appliqued Shirts

I made these appliqued shirts for my son the other week. He LOVES them! He's 6 and thinks it's so cool that his mom can sew and make things and he's always wanting me to make him stuff. And I rarely do. Girl stuff is just more fun unfortunately and has more options. So he was so happy to have a 6 and a G shirt made for him. They are great presents since you can personalize the fabrics and are so easy to do.
Had some great firetruck fabric for his G. Always looking for plain shirts on clearance and they are at many stores. Fun to have them on hand for projects.
My son is playing baseball for the first time and we both thought this was perfect for him.
I like to put a fabric rectangle on the tag on the inside and outside.Here's my son wearing it on a hike the other day as they are sitting on a dinosaur bone.

Easter Party Ideas

Look at this Easter set up. It's all for a party of 2. Can't believe it. Good for her, huh? Would be pretty amazing to be her child and come home from preshool to a little Easter party. You can see all the beautiful details here on minimoz.

Repurpose a Changing Table to Ice Cream Parlor

I found this changing table turned into an ice cream parlor and thought it was GENIUS! Of course us moms all have these after the kids grow up. It's a wonderful idea and on My Sister's Suitcase we can learn how to make it. Check it out. ADORABLE!

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