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Huge Summer Vacation

 I'm on a 3 week vacation!  We were in my husband's hometown in Michigan last week and had a blast.  We started our trip with picking blueberries at a blueberry farm.  It was my favorite thing!  Fresh, delicious blueberries all week.
 My daughter used a St. Patrick's Day necklace as her collector.  So funny.
 My in-laws.

 Grandma took my girl line dancing and bought her a new outfit and had her hair braided.  She danced the night away.
 My brother lives 2 hours away and visited for a day.  We love his mini cooper!
 My husband having fun on the four wheeler.
 Loved seeing my boy driving the lawn mower all over.  He was pretty good!

We're now in Ocean City, MD at my aunt's beach house with all our family.  We drove from MI to PA for the first time.  8 hours an not too bad.  Kids were perfect.  We've raised some good travelers.

DIY- T Shirt to Workout Tank

 I made this last night from the t shirt below.  My friend posted this link to a great thrifty DIY refashion.  She has easy steps to make a big t shirt into a fun, fitted workout tank.  And it's NO SEW!!!!!  I loved it- so easy and cute!

 I already had this thrift store shirt in my refashion pile to make t shirt dresses for my daughter.  But I loved the colors of this one for ME!
 The back is tied with extra material from sleeve.  It's just wrapped around a few times and knotted.  Easy peasy!
 Ready to hit the gym today in my new work out tank.

Kid Craft: Rocker Chic Egg Dyeing

 No it's not Easter, but we did dye eggs recently and LOVED it.  I hit Target after Easter this year when these fun sets were 90% off.  I didn't take a picture of the outside, but I also got a few other sets.  Next year I will load up since they were a ton of fun and only $.50 each.
 My daughter thought it was fun!
 My amazing grandmother, Mimi, was here for the fun all the way from PA.  What a blessing she is to me.
 My son had fun too.  Thankfully they love to eat Easter eggs (what they call hard boiled eggs).  I don't like them.
 And my mom was here too from PA.  She took a set home to do with her other grandchildren.
 I mean, how fun are these girl rocker chics?
So definitely check Target after holidays.  And do them ANY time of the year!!!!!

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