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Valentine Lollipop Photo Card Tutorial

 Here are my kids' Valentines this year.  I know this idea has been on a lot of blogs.  I finally got it done this time and I love them!

 It's self explanatory, but take your kid's photo with their hand out stretched.  I've heard of some people giving their kid a piece of PVC to hold also.
 Then I used Photoshop Elements (which I LOVE) and fixed the color, added a fun speaking bubble, and added text.

Get them printed (40% off at Walgreens, thank you very much!) and I used an exacto knife to make a cut above the hand and below.  Buy some cute lollipops (Dollar Store heart ones) and insert.  I think if you want to stay away from sweets that a Valentine pencil would be very cute or a glow stick maybe?  Happy Valentine's Day!

-ellen (I have been gone from my blog for a while.  We bought a fixer upper last month and we're not unpacked yet and everything is everywhere and life is crazy, but hopefully some house pics/posts soon and more sewing posts when I am set up!)

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