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Willow & Co Mulberry Tunic

 I tested two patterns for the upcoming Willow and Co Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  The ASH jumpsuit and now I will show you the Mulberry Tunic.
The collection is a glamping theme (glamping= glam + camping) and the entire collection will be released Tuesday, April 22!  Willow and Co is a pattern collective and is made up of lots of amazingly talented designers.  This is their FIRST collection and is sure to be a hit.  Visit their Facebook page for more info and hopefully some discounts.
I jumped at the chance to pattern test this pattern since it's for girls and BOYS!!!!  My son feels left out since I make lots of clothes for my daughter.  It's so fun this pattern is unisex.
The Mulberry Tunic pattern is created by the very talented Olga from Kid Approved Testing.
I again used fabrics out of my huge stash.  I've had this Michael Miller airplane fabric for a while and knew it would be perfect for this shirt.  So gray and airplanes it was!  I had to keep it pretty plain for my 8 year old to wear it.  He's quite picky these days.....
 I love the tab details on the sleeves.  It's a great way to add contrasting fabrics.
 When I tested the pattern the hood did not include directions to line the hood but I think in the final copy she is including it.  It was very easy to add and I love the detail it adds.
 It's a nice full hood.  There is also the option to make the shirt without a hood if you want and lots of testers did that.
 Also includes in seam pockets which I loved to include, but you can also leave these out.
 It's a really cute shirt with front pocket and buttons.  It has a lot of pattern pieces and is more involved than a lot of patterns I make so it took a bit longer to make.  But with all patterns, the first one takes the longest and I know my next ones will be a bit quicker.  I plan to make a wild one for my daughter that loves patterns and colors!  I do love it and my son will wear it so it's a SUCCESS.
Get ready to check out the collection on the 22nd.  It looks amazing....
6 comments on "Willow & Co Mulberry Tunic "
  1. Thank you so much, Ellen! I LOVE your version, perfect for a school aged boy! Great, great job!

  2. super cute! I love your lined hood! Did this eliminate the bias tape at the neck?? Love love love!!

    1. Yes it did! No bias tape needed for the hood, but I still needed it around the neck area. I think her pattern now includes lining the hood.... Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I love sewing but my house falls apart and is always a mess. Such a delicate balancing act!!!!

  4. Hi, I just linked to your Mulberry tunic in a post about a version I made. Yours is fab. here's the link if you fancy taking a peek!


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