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Greenstyle Laurel Dress Review

Today I'm sharing my take on the Greenstyle Laurel Dress that I reviewed for Pattern Revolution a few months ago.  I proudly accepted the "Self Care Sewing" challenge and have added this adorable dress to my wardrobe.
I took the Greenstyle Laurel Dress/Tunic pattern and made it custom for ME!  I couldn't be happier with the results.
The Laurel Dress pattern really includes a cowl neck and sleeves but I decided to make it sleeveless and scoop neck for summer.  This was so easy to do and just shows how versatile this pattern is!
Pattern Details:
Women's Sizes XXS to 3XL with size chart on bust measurement
4 different sleeves lengths (short sleeve, just above elbow, 3/4 length, long sleeve*)
*dare I add sleeveless too?
3 different skirt lengths (tunic, just above knee, longer length)
3 different torso lengths (short, regular, long)
Straight back or pleated back options
Photos/drawings for every step in directions
knit/jersey fabric and can do knit/jersey top with woven bottom
32 pages long total with 9 pages of directions and 23 nested pattern pieces 
 I made a size small, long torso dress which was PERFECT for my body.  I really appreciate the long torso length being included since a lot of dresses don't fit my 5'9" frame and are too short.
 I added an extra inch to the above the knee length which I think was good.  Otherwise it would be too short for me.  I chose pleats in the front and back.  Next time I will try a flat back I think and woven bottom! 
And don't we all LOVE a comfy dress with pockets?  I will be living in this dress this summer.  It will be cute with leggings in spring also.
I customized this dress by adding binding strips around the arms and neck.  I actually cut out the cowl piece and when I decided not to use it, cut 2" binding strips from this.  It worked like a charm!!!!  I cut straight across, no need for diagonal cutting.
I recently organized my fabric stash and am determined to use it up before buying more fabric.  I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves and after I tried on the top I LOVED it sleeveless.  I have seen pictures of the dress with sleeves and the cowl neck and think it is very cute and my next one will be like that.
This pattern is great for every season.  Long sleeve for winter, 3/4 or elbow length for fall/spring, and short for summer!  And don't forget there's a tunic length option so you can wear it with jeans or leggings.

I am so happy to be slowly adding to my wardrobe.  This is all new for me, especially sewing with knits and I'm loving every minute.  I used a stretch stitch on my regular sewing machine for this dress and had zero problems.  Just ordered my first serger and am excited to try it out soon.  This pattern is perfect for a beginner and is quick sew.  The dress is stylish, versatile and COMFY.  All wins in my book.  -ellen 

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