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Ceilings for Healing Painted Tile for Cancer Center

This is me with my ceiling tile I painted for our local Cancer Center.  It's for a program called "Ceilings for Healing".  It's inspired by a national program, "Healing Ceilings".  I painted the sun tile in honor of a very close family member currently battling cancer.  It means the world to me that I can hopefully make someone at the center smile a bit or bring a little happiness to their day while they're dealing with cancer.

 After my proposal was selected, I received an acoustic ceiling tile to paint.  The acrylic paint was donated from a local art supply store.  SO NICE!  First step was to gesso the entire tile.  After it dried I drew the sun in pencil, then did a base color on everything with the paint.  It took a lot of time to get the paint into all the many holes.
Then I started shading the yellow sun with oranges and reds.  Obviously they want happy paintings with bright colors.
Last step was to add some gold acrylic paint that I bought and doing dots!  I did the dots with the tip of a brush.  It's dark blue and white.  Signed initials in corner with gold!  Done. 
 The Cancer Center had a nice little reception for the artists and my family came to support me.  My son got his photo with all the BEAUTIFUL tiles.  There were 12 in all, for the 12 overnight rooms.

I am so proud to be a part of this program.  Even though I teach art for elementary kids, I don't consider myself to be an artist.  There are so many more talented than I am, but this project means so much to me that I can dedicate my painting to my loved one.

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