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DIY Dragon Halloween Costume from a Kite

Here's my daughter's Halloween costume this year.  An awesome dragon from a kite.
Every year we hit the thrift store for ideas.  It's so much fun to see what we can find, what we can alter, and how creative we can be.  I'm also cheap and will not ever spend $30-50 bucks on a costume, just won't happen.  Add that I am an environmental science major and love to reuse/repurpose, and there you go.  
This year my daughter had her heart set on being a dragon (usually she just does something that we find and doesn't really care, then I add to it).  We searched the costume section and came up empty, which I was prepared for.  I already had some ideas from Pinterest.....  But as we were looking around, we found this beautiful, huge kite for $5 in the game section.

 We opened it up and checked it out and we both agreed it was pretty cool and we..... (I) could do something with it so we took it home.  First we bought it, then we took it home!

I avoided touching it for awhile.  Couldn't decide how to begin.  I was a little intimidated of ruining it.  Finally I thought the head should remain intact so people could really see the cool dragon head.  I began by using my seam ripper and taking off the head.  I formed it onto a headband and used my trusty glue gun and felt on back to attach.  LOVED IT!  That was the jumping off point for the rest of the costume.

Then I bought a $5 black sweatshirt.  I took out some plastic pieces on the wings, took off the belly, legs, and tail with a lot of seam ripping.  Then I sewed the tail back on with moving it up a lot so it didn't drag.  I also decided the tail needed dimension so I used a long plastic piece from the kite and stuffed Polyfill the entire length of the tail.  It looked much better. 

I sewed the gray belly onto the front of the sweatshirt and started creating lots of scales with all the leftover material I had from the kite.
 I backed each kite piece with felt that I had in my stash.  Very fun.  Just took a piece, roughly cut it out and sewed around edge with a straight stitch.  Of course glue gun would have also worked.
 I kept going and used red, orange and yellow felt.  I even made some plain ones with two colors of felt to fill it in more, once I ran out of kite material.  Then I laid them out evenly on both sides until I liked it, grabbed my glue gun and attached them all to the front of the sweatshirt.  LOVED IT!!!

Last step was to glue some black elastic onto the plastic kite wing pieces, slip her arms into the loops and now her arms were attached to the wings!  She can run around and "fly" now.

My darling girl LOVED IT and was so happy to be a dragon.

Last thing we did was to glue white triangle pieces of felt onto 99 cent black gloves.  Found the idea on Pinterest.  Used hot glue gun again, just a little on each piece.  I think it added a lot to the outfit.  Also was going to make felt feet to put on her shoes but hey, I was tired by now!!!!  (We will most likely add some face paint for the big night.)
So there you have it.  A $10 costume that is 100% unique.  My daughter doesn't have to be worried she'll run into anyone else dressed up like her.  I got to use my creativity and make her happy. 

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  1. So, so clever and creative, Ellen!!! An awesome dragon costume.


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