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My family went on our third trip to Disneyland last week and it ROCKED! 

We've gone every other Feb for the last four years.  We drive from CO and stop in Vegas to stay with family both directions which is great.  These trips have been amazing and I wouldn't trade the memories for anything!  We're experts now and have the Fast Passes down and since we go in an off time, it was perfect.  The most we waited was 20 min for anything....

Line waiting for security to get bag check, before park opened!  We were worried about the crowds but it was fine.
Wow, he looks excited for a fun day with lots of people!!!!
The head gear they picked out with their own money.

Mickey Mouse soft pretzels

Buzz Lightyear is always a fun one.

Finding Nemo ride

I love she's still young enough to love all the characters.

We love the clam chowder in a bowl in New Orleans area.  SO GOOD!  My little girl didn't love Space Mountain....

We love Toontown!
Enjoying Dole Smoothies.  It was 90 there both days!  Hottest we've ever had in Feb.

We were at Disneyland the day after the Superbowl and Peyton Manning was there!!!!  Since we're from CO and Bronco fans this was pretty cool to see him doing an interview.  I guess they really do go to Disneyland after all after they win...

happy kids

Last time Goofy loved her and danced with her, this year it was Tigger!

It was the 60th birthday celebration of Disneyland and the 15th of California Adventure so that was fun to get a special pin and see a few more things for those special years.  All in all an AMAZING day in Disneyland with little waiting and 90 degree CA weather!

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