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Little Lizard King Ani-Mazing Penguin Skirt

I don't think I ever shared this adorable penguin skirt I made this winter for my girl.  Isn't it sweet?

It's made from the same PERFECT pattern that I made this fox skirt- Ani-Mazing Suspender Skirt pattern by Cassie of Little Lizard King.  This fox skirt has become my very favorite item that I've ever made for my daughter.  It just fits her love of foxes and she wore it for her 8th birthday fox themed party.  And it's a beautiful pattern.
 I was lucky enough to test this pattern and it's just lovely.  Pattern comes with patterns for fox, cat, dog, mouse, bear and bunny!

I'm selling these fox skirts in my etsy shop since I love them so much.  The fabric is so funny with foxes all dressed up.

So back to this penguin.  It's pretty sweet itself.  I'm proud to say all the fabric came from my much too large fabric stash.  Makes my hubby happy!!!

My daughter and I had a very fun photoshoot with this one.  I think she cooperates much better if an animal is involved.  She LOVES animals...

I got the snowman buttons at Jo-Ann's.  This pattern really allows for some interesting buttons.

The skirt just happens to match one of her MILLIONS of stuffed animals.  So of course she has a penguin beanie boo to model with....  You should see her room.  Disaster ALL THE TIME!

The penguin comes in a winter add on, with patterns for penguin, snowman, reindeer, and Santa belt.  Pretty fun!  Cassie just did a sew along and did a cow and owl and so many women all over the world came up with a lot of creative animals.  So fun!

I plan to make a cat for sure and probably an owl for my animal loving girl.  If you're interested in any animal, let me know!!!!  They are so much fun to make- one of a kind.
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  1. I like to shop from my much too large stash, too. No wonder your daughter loves her new penguin skirt.


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