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Teaching Art: Dr. Seuss Week - Cat in the Hat for Kindergarterners

It's Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd!!!!  Kindergarten loves to celebrate Dr. Seuss and I came up with a cute and easy project to celebrate this fun week.

Kids followed my directed line drawing.  I was inspired by this project from Pinterest.  Then I found these 5 steps to draw Cat in the Hat which I used.

I cut white construction paper in half and gave each student a piece.  They used a pencil to follow each step with me, encouraging them to draw big.  When they were done with their drawing, they traced over lines with Sharpie.  I handed each child a red oil pastel and explained to color a PATTERN on the hat with red, and also color in the bow tie with the oil pastel.

I like to introduce my students to new art materials that they might not use normally.  Of course you could substitute the oil pastel for paint, crayon or marker!

When they were finished with the red oil pastel, they were given a blue oil pastel to decorate the background as they wished.  Some colored in solid, others did shapes.  I LOVE the variety.  These projects were done in 30 min perfectly.  If I had more time with the kids I would have had them paint the background blue or cut out the cat and glue on blue construction paper.  The blue really makes the cat POP!

I just love these cats so much.  I kept referring to the Cat in the Hat book so they could see the actual drawing to mimic it.  Good observation skills.  I also pointed out that the book only uses black, white, red and blue.  These drawings now decorate the Kindergarten bulletin boards and they look so happy!

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