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Little Lizard King Seashore Collection Pattern

I LOVE testing patterns for Cassie of Little Lizard King.  She's so sweet, fun, and her patterns are AMAZING and so well done.  This is her latest one - Seashore Collection.  I chose to test the Tunic and I love it.

These are Cassie's pics of the many options with the pattern (found here on LLK).  The pattern includes a tank top, tunic, dress, hi/low dress, maxi, ruffled maxi, shorts and pants romper.  She always gives a lot of options which is wonderful!

This pattern is made of knit, which I'm still a newbie to sewing with.  My daughter loves how soft and comfy it is.  The pattern was very easy to follow and a quick sew.  

There's directions to make an easy elastic casing for the waist.

The straps can be made of any sort of fun trim!  I had this rainbow flower trim in my stash (along with the main and lining knits I used) and I knew my daughter would adore all the color.  I was right!

This version was the first that was tested, and Cassie redid the pattern to have the underarm part higher and not so loose.  Also she raised the hem for the tunic.  I still love the first version too!!!

If you haven't tried any of Cassie's patterns, you should!  And all the other Little Lizard King patterns are great too.  Cassie's also a fellow contributor over at Pattern Revolution which is where I first "met" her.  It's a fun group of sewers from around the world!  So happy to be a part of it...

Elementary Art Project- Snowman with chalk pastels

This is an art project I did this winter with the 4th and 5th graders.  I wanted to have them do snowmen but drawing them at a different angle.  I found a wonderful art project on Pinterest here and used it as my inspiration.

The kids used Sharpie to draw the snowman and then used chalk pastels.  I asked them to work on SHADING the snowman, using two colors next to each other on the color wheel and blend around the edges.  Then I said to use a contrasting color for the background so the snowman would POP!

The kids only drew two out of the three snowballs that make up a snowman.  And I encouraged them to have the snowman go off the page.

I just love the creativity they came up with and how different they all were!  I think they really enjoyed this one.  My goal in teaching art to elementary kids is to have them think of things differently, to expand their thinking.  I want them to be creative and think outside the box.

I think this one is so funny, kind of like a Minecraft snowman!

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