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Teaching Art: Dr. Seuss Week - Cat in the Hat for Kindergarterners

It's Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd!!!!  Kindergarten loves to celebrate Dr. Seuss and I came up with a cute and easy project to celebrate this fun week.

Kids followed my directed line drawing.  I was inspired by this project from Pinterest.  Then I found these 5 steps to draw Cat in the Hat which I used.

I cut white construction paper in half and gave each student a piece.  They used a pencil to follow each step with me, encouraging them to draw big.  When they were done with their drawing, they traced over lines with Sharpie.  I handed each child a red oil pastel and explained to color a PATTERN on the hat with red, and also color in the bow tie with the oil pastel.

I like to introduce my students to new art materials that they might not use normally.  Of course you could substitute the oil pastel for paint, crayon or marker!

When they were finished with the red oil pastel, they were given a blue oil pastel to decorate the background as they wished.  Some colored in solid, others did shapes.  I LOVE the variety.  These projects were done in 30 min perfectly.  If I had more time with the kids I would have had them paint the background blue or cut out the cat and glue on blue construction paper.  The blue really makes the cat POP!

I just love these cats so much.  I kept referring to the Cat in the Hat book so they could see the actual drawing to mimic it.  Good observation skills.  I also pointed out that the book only uses black, white, red and blue.  These drawings now decorate the Kindergarten bulletin boards and they look so happy!

Teaching Art: 2nd Grade Foxes

I am lucky to teach art to kids K-5 at the best elementary school.  My kids go to this school and it's just down the street.  I'm going to start showing the GORGEOUS students' art work here.  Pinterest has been my best way to find projects.

I did this fox project with 1st and 2nd graders.  I found this draw along from Art Projects for Kids and was inspired!  

Budget is always an issue so this was a very affordable project.  
I used: 
*large (5x8) index cards from the school warehouse
*kids followed my drawing with pencils
*they were asked to add at least one unique detail (arms, crown, trees, mountains....)
*kids traced pencil lines with Sharpie
*kids used watercolor pencils to color fox and everything else
*kids used brush and water to blend color.

Every SINGLE student found success in this project.  I have fallen in love with each and every one.  These foxes are 2nd grade, but 1st did equally as amazing!

Bishy Barnababes Animal Puppet Purse - CAT

Here's another animal item that I sewed.  There seems to have been a big pattern this year-ANIMALS!  Animal everything are very popular in the stores these days for kids and they are right on target.  My daughter had some great smiles in this photo shoot since she loved this purse so much.

This is the Bishy Barnababes Animal Puppet Purse.  It's a PDF pattern and I had a joy of testing it.  The owner of Bishy Barnababes is so nice and she lives in England!  It was my first international designer that I worked with and was a lot of fun.

I hand sewed the entire purse which was very relaxing while watching tv.  I used felt from Jo-Ann's that I had on hand and used some gorgeous vintage buttons for the eyes, embroidery floss for whiskers and all the sewing, and just some webbing I already had for the strap.

I made this cat first (size L), then a larger fox (XL) per my daughter's request.  This is more of a coin purse for money, not for all their treasures.

It was a fox kind of year....

Long strap works well for cross body wearing.

The best part is the purse is a puppet!!!!  What little girl would not love that?

Little Lizard King Ani-Mazing Penguin Skirt

I don't think I ever shared this adorable penguin skirt I made this winter for my girl.  Isn't it sweet?

It's made from the same PERFECT pattern that I made this fox skirt- Ani-Mazing Suspender Skirt pattern by Cassie of Little Lizard King.  This fox skirt has become my very favorite item that I've ever made for my daughter.  It just fits her love of foxes and she wore it for her 8th birthday fox themed party.  And it's a beautiful pattern.
 I was lucky enough to test this pattern and it's just lovely.  Pattern comes with patterns for fox, cat, dog, mouse, bear and bunny!

I'm selling these fox skirts in my etsy shop since I love them so much.  The fabric is so funny with foxes all dressed up.

So back to this penguin.  It's pretty sweet itself.  I'm proud to say all the fabric came from my much too large fabric stash.  Makes my hubby happy!!!

My daughter and I had a very fun photoshoot with this one.  I think she cooperates much better if an animal is involved.  She LOVES animals...

I got the snowman buttons at Jo-Ann's.  This pattern really allows for some interesting buttons.

The skirt just happens to match one of her MILLIONS of stuffed animals.  So of course she has a penguin beanie boo to model with....  You should see her room.  Disaster ALL THE TIME!

The penguin comes in a winter add on, with patterns for penguin, snowman, reindeer, and Santa belt.  Pretty fun!  Cassie just did a sew along and did a cow and owl and so many women all over the world came up with a lot of creative animals.  So fun!

I plan to make a cat for sure and probably an owl for my animal loving girl.  If you're interested in any animal, let me know!!!!  They are so much fun to make- one of a kind.


My family went on our third trip to Disneyland last week and it ROCKED! 

We've gone every other Feb for the last four years.  We drive from CO and stop in Vegas to stay with family both directions which is great.  These trips have been amazing and I wouldn't trade the memories for anything!  We're experts now and have the Fast Passes down and since we go in an off time, it was perfect.  The most we waited was 20 min for anything....

Line waiting for security to get bag check, before park opened!  We were worried about the crowds but it was fine.
Wow, he looks excited for a fun day with lots of people!!!!
The head gear they picked out with their own money.

Mickey Mouse soft pretzels

Buzz Lightyear is always a fun one.

Finding Nemo ride

I love she's still young enough to love all the characters.

We love the clam chowder in a bowl in New Orleans area.  SO GOOD!  My little girl didn't love Space Mountain....

We love Toontown!
Enjoying Dole Smoothies.  It was 90 there both days!  Hottest we've ever had in Feb.

We were at Disneyland the day after the Superbowl and Peyton Manning was there!!!!  Since we're from CO and Bronco fans this was pretty cool to see him doing an interview.  I guess they really do go to Disneyland after all after they win...

happy kids

Last time Goofy loved her and danced with her, this year it was Tigger!

It was the 60th birthday celebration of Disneyland and the 15th of California Adventure so that was fun to get a special pin and see a few more things for those special years.  All in all an AMAZING day in Disneyland with little waiting and 90 degree CA weather!

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